Top 50 Recipes of 2009

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In 2009 we saw tons of new recipes added from the community. There was a big emphasis on Latin American cuisines as well as Thai and Indian. Comfort foods were also a big favorite of our community. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular recipes on the site…so if you’re hungry…get in the kitchen and make some.

It does not get easier than this50. Slow Cooker Ham Recipe:

Vaibhav’s delicious, no-fuss ham is juicy and good. Best part is, you only need two ingredients. This is a great recipe to use if you’re just a novice in the kitchen or if you have tons of people coming over your place. You can get this started and move onto cleaning, decorating and prepping the rest of the scrumptious dishes you will be serving at the  gathering.

Easy and super healthy49. Carrot and Cucumber Hosomaki Sushi:

There were a few sushi recipes that made the list. Most of them fishless. I’m sure this suits many people just fine…as it is a little scary working with raw fish at home. This recipe makes for a great party appetizer (less expensive than actually using fish and much safer). Just make sure to practice (a lot) prior to the big event, rolling these babies is not as easy as it looks. It took me many tries until I got a decent looking roll.

A great way to start the day48. Breakfast Croissant Sandwich Recipe:

Why get one at Dunkin’ when you can make it better? This recipe does not use homemade croissants. If you have a great bakery, feel free to use the purchased kind, but if you like to bake (like me) why not make them yourself? Feel free to experiment with your fillings, go a little healthier by using egg whites and turkey bacon…feeling naughty? Then go for some prosciutto and swiss. The possibilities are endless.

Perfect for a day at the beach47. Jalea:

Chef Julio-Cesar’s Jalea recipe represents the Peruvians in the community and pleases everyone that tastes it. This is a dish for fish lovers, there are actually three types: Jalea de Mariscos, Jalea de Pescado and Jalea Pota. Julio-Cesar uses both fish and shellfish so that you have a combination of the first two. The fish comes out very lightly fried so that the process does not hide the flavor of the fish. This is a lovely recipe, it is perfect in its simplicity.

One of my favorites46. Logie’s Special Bibingka:

If you haven’t had Bibibgka you have led a sad life. It is said that it is a traditionally Goan dish, but Filipinos have made it their own. They utilize rice flour to achieve the incredible textures for which Bibingka is known. We suggest that you top it with ice cream; or if you want to be naughty…spread a little butter on it and sprinkle it with coconut. Check this recipe out and see what you have been missing all these years.

YUM45. Gooey Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies:

Laura made us drool when she first posted this recipe. It has been tried and tested and it is good. These brownies are at peak performance when they are taken right out of the oven.  The alcohol from the liqueur burns out so that all that is left is the delicious flavors of the Bailey’s Irish Cream combined with rich and gooey chocolate. We’d like to rename this recipe “Heaven in a Brownie”

A classic you will love44. Seafood Paella:

Konstantino’s recipes get lots of views on the site and this one seems to be everyone’s favorite. Paella is a dish that Spaniards are incredibly proud of. There are various types of paella: Valenciana (from Valencia, Spain), de Mariscos (Seafood) and Paella Mixta (mixed). This is the second kind, it has no snails or beans and is one of the world’s favorites. Once you’ve perfected the recipe, you can alter it as you wish…but remember that if you do this you run the danger of creating a simple arroz con pollo,

Why is fried dough so good?43. Bunuelos:

This one is close to my heart and I’m glad to see it in the top 50. They are a Christmas favorite for my family. It is said they originated probably somewhere in the Middle East and somehow they have made it all the way to Latin America. These are not sweet, they are made with cheese and deep fried until they are glowing with a golden brown color. These are seriously amazing. I urge you all to try these, you will thank me.

Make it interesting42. Spiked Hot Chocolate:

Anthony is our “resident” bar tender. If you are looking for cocktail recipes, check out his page, he’s posted something like a kabillion cocktail recipes on FriendsEAT (including my favorite…the Puerto Rican Iced Tea). We were super stoked to try this one. His recipe uses vanilla vodka, but you can get creative…try some orange or coffee vodka, coffee liqueur or a little frangelico to make for a special winter treat.

Indulgent and Elegant41. Sauteed Chicken in a White Wine Cream Sauce:

Lilian’s recipe is great for those days you are craving something sinful (as are the rest of her creations). If you want to get really (really) sinful you can use cream instead of half and half. Use leftover chicken from a roast to cut your time down. Add mushrooms and veggies if you would like to. This is a recipe Lilian created because she was craving a creamy chicken and pasta dish! It satisfied her craving perfectly! Maybe it will satisfy your craving too?

Get some jumbo shrimp for this one40. Baked Stuffed Shrimp:

These are seriously easy to make and seriously delicious to eat. You can make these into a main dish just by adding some rice or fetuccine. Why not just serve them as an ultra premium appetizer at your next party. Make sure to get some jumbo shrimp so you have plenty of places to stuff…also have tons of lemon around to squeeze onto your shrimp. These will be the first thing to run out at your parties.

If you want to get an early start39. Diet Low Fat Carrot Cake:

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get fit. Needless to say, I hit the gym yesterday. Surprise, surprise…it was packed. Haven’t seen it like that all year (there was only one machine open). If you are like the rest of us (me) and made a resolution to keep the pounds away, then check out this recipe. Christie’s recipe is sure to get tons of views in the New Year, it’s a great way to indulge and keep the pounds off (and it’s way easier than hitting the treadmill).

Antonio's Piece de Resistance38. Pernil:

Antonio’s Dominican Pernil recipe is the hit of all parties. Pernil is simply what we Latinos call the pork shoulder cut of the pig. Think of a crunchy skin which is then followed by succulent, juicy and flavorful pork. You would not believe how easy this stuff is to make (it is really, really easy). Best of all (if you have leftovers) you can make Cuban Sandwiches and pork tacos and enchiladas for the rest of the week.

Sopapia Cheesecake37. Sopapia Cheesecake:

Matthew’s Sopapia Cheese Cake recipe is an inventive and delicious way to recreate Mexican ideas. I would love to know what all of you think of it. Even though it is not necessarily a traditional sopapia, it is quite tasty and quick to make (one of the reasons why it was one of the most popular recipes of the year). This makes it perfect for parents who are short on time and have hungry kids or.

Shiitake Sushi36. Shiitake Sushi:

Caylin’s recipe suits those with fish allergies just fine so they are great for entertaining a wide range of people. Her shiitake sushi makes for a delicious appetizer, the look is absolutely stunning and they are incredibly healthy. Shiitakes are known to boost the immune system, may keep cancer away, have some incredible antioxidants and are great for your heart. Are you ready? Get your rice cooker and let’s make some sushi.

Cook to Impress35. Thai Fish Curry:

What I love about Thai cuisine is that the majority of the dishes are light, highly aromatic and sometimes pack a great heat while remaining incredibly balanced. Thai food has been influenced by all its neighbors and that is something that you will taste in every bite. If you are not familiar with Thai food, try this recipe. Bunmi’s recipe brings together all that is good; coconut, curry, brown sugar and basil. Once you’ve perfected it, experiment with all types of seafood including shellfish.

Spice up a classic34. Slow Cooked Creamy Marinara:

Why should you stick with plain old boring Marinara sauce. I say “get saucy” and check out Troy’s Slow Cooked Creamy Marinara recipe. It combines two classic Italian favorites: Marinara sauce and Alfredo sauce. The result is delectable. Make a large batch to freeze so you have some for emergency entertaining, chicken parmigiana sandwiches, or just for dipping your Italian bread.

As comforting as it gets33. Pressure Cooker Oxtail:

Oxtail is one of those comfort foods that most people have to wait for. If you are anything at all like Antonio; you just will not be able to wait for all that oxtail deliciousness (savory, flavorful and incredibly delicious). Instead of waiting, rummage through your storage and bring out that pressure cooker that’s been gathering dust. If you do, you will be enjoying your Oxtail stew in less than half the time.

We were wary, but it was totally kosher32. Red Bull Cake:

Normally, I would be the one telling you to stay away from the stuff (I am more of an organic, free range, local kinda gal) but there is always a reason to break the rules. I had heard of Coca-cola rice and Sprite cake but never did I think I’d hear of Red Bull cake. William created what may be an amazing yet disturbing dessert. I may have to try this one out soon. But be warned, this recipe may cause heart palpitations.

The Best Revenge is Sweet31. Sweet Revenge Vanilla Cupcakes:

Marlo Scott, the owner of Sweet Revenge Cupcake Bar shared this recipe with me when we sat for an interview last year. Her cupcakes are incredible. If you happen to be in NYC make a stop at her place. Sweet Revenge is a cupcake, wine and beer bar, an ideal combination for a girl like me or for the many people who have a cupcake addiction.

It's one of my favorite breakfasts30. Changua Colombiana:

The Cundinamarca area of Colombia is known for its production of cheeses and milk. It is no surprise that one of the dishes it is known for is Changua. It may sound a bit unusual, but I promise it is delectable. Try it on a winter morning to get yourself going. The only thing that is missing from the recipe is the delicious toast that is traditionally placed atop the soup. It is eaten when nothing else is left and it has absorbed all the flavors.

Great for parties29. Vegetarian Chinese Dumplings:

Darenn shared her love of animals with the FriendsEAT vegetarian community by sharing this delicious vegetarian dumpling recipe. Sure I know that we can make them with pork, beef, chicken or shrimp, but when entertaining it is always a good idea to have something vegetarian available. You never know who’s gonna drop by. And the best part is that everyone at the party will love these savory, flavorful snacks.

Great way to start the day28. Christmas Morning Quiche:

After entertaining and cleaning and caroling, we’re sure glad that Laura’s shared her breakfast recipe. This morning quiche sounds like the perfect dish to eat while watching the little ones open their gifts. If you have leftovers, you can always take them to work for a mid morning snack. And when you’ve perfected the recipe, there is no reason not to experiment with additional ingredients.

Bring Bulgogi to your home27. Kalbi Marinade:

Korean food is quickly gaining in popularity, but if you do not have a great Korean place to get some Bulgogi, try Larry’s marinade, it’s delish. Also known as Galbi, the name actually refers to the ribs that are marinated in the sauce. As you know we think rules are meant to be broken, so go ahead and use this marinade for chicken too. I’ve tried it and the flavors are killer; umami counteracts the sweetness to make a gorgeous sensation in your mouth.

AKA Tom Yum Goong26. Tom Yum Goong:

We’re not talking about the movie “The Protector“, we’re talking about one of the most well known (and delicious) Thai recipes. Ton Yum Goong is sweet, sour, spicy and salty all at once. It’s great if you’ve got the flu, the spiciness will open up your nose so you can breathe and the health factor is supreme. If you’re allergic to shellfish, you can substitute with some white fish or even with chicken.

Pork Belly makes mine happy25. Chinese Roast Crisp Belly Pork:

Why do I love pork belly so much? Could it be the thin crispy upper layer; or maybe it’s the deliciously flavorful meat in the middle? I think it’s a combination of both. The best part of pork belly is that it is pretty inexpensive (about $3 per pound). When you buy your first pork belly, get one that is about 3 inches thick and ask your butcher for front belly. It should be about half lean and half fat. Bokmun’s recipe will make everyone at your place drool.

Who would have thought tripe would make the list24. Mondongo:

Many world cultures love to eat tripe. This includes the people of Latin American. Nelly’s Mondongo soup is done in the Colombian style. It uses three types of beef tripe, peas and carrots for sweetness and is one of the most delicious dishes that I have tried. Typically it is eaten for lunch and it is topped with tons of cilantro. I suggest you make this dish this week, it will quickly become a family favorite.

Parihuela23. Pariheula:

If you love a bouillabaisse you will love this powerful Peruvian delicacy. Julio-Cesar tells us that “Parihuela is the Peruvian cousin to the bouillabaisse. A strong broth flavored with fish and shellfish and different aromatics. Light enough to be consumed in the summer, freshness of the seafood is key.” That and a little love will make this a very special dish. We’re not surprised that Julio-Cesar’s dishes were some of the most popular of the year; Peruvian food is delectable.

Seafood Rice22. Arroz Con Mariscos:

People love Chef Julio-Cesar’s recipes including his seafood rice. He is a great advocate for his native country; Peru. He tells us: that “The fishing grounds off the Peruvian Pacific coast are blessed with a great diversity of seafood. The meeting of two ocean currents – the southern Humbloldt which brings cold water from the seas off the north Chile, and the El Niño bringing warmer water from the north – provides a rich marine environment where 400 species of shellfish thrive. Peruvian cooks put them to good use in another of our delicious seafood recipes”

Thai Stir Fried Vegetables21. Thai Stir Fried Vegetables:

Jackye’s Thai stir-fried vegetables “is a no-fail recipe, mostly because the stir-fry sauce is made before frying the vegetables, allowing you to adjust the flavor according to your taste. You can Try it as a side dish, or make it the main course. Soaked Nuts, tempeh, wheat gluten, or slices of chicken (if you are non-vegetarian) can be added as a protein source.” This is a really tasty dish.

Vegetarians and Carnivores will love it20. Vegetarian Chinese Black Bean and Garlic Eggplant:

This may be one of the healthiest dishes on the countdown. Black beans have tons of fiber, protein, antioxidants and have detoxifying qualities. Some studies even say that black beans may prevent cancer and heart disease. Combine this with the power of eggplants; they protect cell membranes, are rich in antioxidants and are good for your heart. But more importantly, Darenn’s recipe is incredibly delicious…and for us; that’s what counts.

A great side dish for everyday meals19. Potato Poriyal:

Lakshmi’s recipe is sure to spice up your Dinner table. If you are ready to bring some excitement into your life, this is the recipe for you. Poriyal is a South Indian vegetable dish, this one features potatoes. If you have a wok, you can fry the diced potatoes with a masala (blend of spices). Traditionally one uses mustard seeds, urad dal black, onions, turmeric, dried red chillis and coriander. To bring a little freshness to this dish; you can sprinkle a little cilantro or shredded coconut when you are done.

Make your own & keep it healthy18. Grapefruit Jam:

Daniel is one of my favorite contributors on the site. Make a whole batch of this jam for some amazing presents. Here is what he had to say about the recipe: “Orange jam is great, everybody knows it. But grapefruit jam is magic. the same recipe as for orange jam can be used for lemon jam, grapefruit jam and maybe tangerine jam too. Though simple, to succeed you must be precise with TIME and TEMPERATURE ( I’d use electronic timer and electronic thermometer that can go at leas to 120°c (250°F). The best cooking pot is made of copper, for it spreads the heat equally….”

Healthy and delicious17. Panko Crusted Tilapia:

If you are worried about too much mercury content in fish; then tilapia is the choice for you. As a fish, tilapia is very low in mercury and has almost no flavor, so it is perfect for those who aren’t complete in love with fish but still want the benefits: tons of protein without a lot of fat. Deborah’s Panko Crusted Tilapia recipe is perfect on texture and great on flavor and sure to please a crowd.

Makhani Arbi Masala16. Makhani Arbi Masala:

Makhanis are usually sauce dishes made with butter, cream and tomatoes, Masala means a blend of spices. So a Makhani Masala is great for those who love rich cream sauces but what something a little more exciting for the table. You’ll probably need to bring out the pressure cooker for this one, and you may have to get some ingredients on amazon, but do not fret, this recipe will leave you satisfied

Classic Favorites15. Cold Tortellini Salad:

This is Michelle’s fool proof recipe. She brings it out any time she entertains and switches it up a bit when she’s feeling saucy. Her son loves it so much he asks for it all the time. The best part of this recipe is that you can really make it your own. Tortellini can be stuffed with almost anything; so if you’re feeling fancy do some lobster tortellini; if you want to keep it classic stick with pork stuffing. Or go large and use some tortelloni if you got people with big appetites coming to your home.

Super Savory14. Easy Chicken Caesar Salad:

Tin’s recipe is one everyone should have because frankly, Chicken Caesar salad is a dish everyone loves? This is seriously close to the original recipe (which is hardly ever seen in real life). Make this recipe at home and skip all the nasty stuff that comes in the store bought kind (I’m thinking about sodium, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup). Instead you’ll have a meal with tons of Omega 3, protein and taste.

Sinfully Safe13. Gluten Free Broccoli Cheese Soup:

People with Gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease have it bad. They get very very sick if they eat anything that contains wheat, barley, rye or oats. This means no bread, pies, cakes, cereals,cookies, pizza or even pasta. Like I said, they’ve got it bad. Luckily, there are tons or recipes out there that people with Gluten intolerance can enjoy. Kelley’s delicious Broccoli Cheese soup recipe is one of them.

Tastefully Tart12. Lemon Pie:

Karen’s “Pie de Limon” recipe gives a lot of amor to the Latin American community, she posted it in English and Spanish so it’s good for the cocineros and cocineras out there. The recipe is pretty darn good too…the condensed milk results in a great texture and weight while the lemon adds tartness and acidity that makes you want to swallow it immediately and go for the second bite. This one is addictive so watch out.

Childhood Memories11. Funnel Cake:

As I sit here hybernating and wishing the 17 degree weather away I cannot be more reminded of summer. Looks like fried, doughy treats will take over the list…(you’ll see when you get to the top ten). It may have something to do with the comfort we get from these sinfully delicious treats. The initial crunch followed by the soft doughy insides and finally the powder sugar that remains as a reminder of this tasty treat all over your face.

10. Andhra Mutton Curry:

Gauri’s Andhra Mutton Curry recipe is one we recommend if you love lamb. Most people in the United States have not heard of mutton, but fret not…mutton is simply an older sheep, it should be more than two years old, if it is less than two years old, then it is considered hogget. Mutton meat tends to be tougher than lamb or hogget, but it has so much more flavor than both. The flavors are a bit more complex, so just make sure to cook it at a low temperature for a longer amount of time and you will end up with a tender, juicy, spiceful and flavorful meal.

Make your veggies interesting9. Kadai Vegetables:

One of the healthiest dishes on our list. Think of it as an Indian stir fry. No boring vegetables here, thy pick up the aromatics and spices to make you completely forget that this is a vegetarian dish. If you want to add a little more protein, you can always add some tofu…or if you got an adamant carnivore in the house, season some lamb with the same spices, cook it and add it to the dish, they will love it.

This one will leave you smiling8. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup:

This soup if filling, delicious and isguaranteed keep you going during the toughest of days. The aromatics in the soup come from the ginger and scallions. The savory umami comes from the beef and the cilantro brings in a freshness that accentuates the spice and heat in this flavorful broth. So tasty you’ll never know what hit you and you’ll end up making this one over and over and over again.

These are delish7. Hojaldras:

There’s something wonderful about fried doughs with sugar…That may be why we love Zeppoles and Funnel cakes and hojaldras. These are a breeze to make and delight the little ones once you’ve sprinkled them with sugar. If you want to make them a bit more exotic, top them with some queso blanco and some homemade jam. The crumbly, crunchy texture of the hojaldras will be the perfect companion to the sweets.

A Summer Fair Favorite6. Zeppoles:

Hmmm, looks like we have a theme going. Monica’s Zeppole recipe immediately brings to mind my crazy teenage summers days. 90 degrees, heading to the state fair, riding what must have been incredibly unsafe roller coasters, falling in love and eating way too much fried dough. Wanna get that feeling back? Grab your frying pan and start frying…and make sure to thank Monica for this amazing recipe.

These will get you through the day5. Venezuelan Hallacas:

A Christmas dish for Venezuelans, we see no reason not to make this a year round treat. Just keep in mind, these are hard work, so if you make them, make a huge batch and share them with good friends and family. Think of it as a tamal with everything on it (beef, pork, chicken and more). It is tasty and highly caloric, so make sure you have a long day planned to burn off the calories.

A crowd pleaser4. Tomato Basil Bisque:

Michelle’s recipe for Tomato Basil Bisque is delicious. She is a big contributor to the site and has lots of yummy recipes for you to check out. Michelle’s Bisque recipe will have your guests ranting and raving all over it and begging for the recipe. This soup freezes very well too, so you can make a big batch and freeze some for those days when you are just feeling tired, lazy or just have a craving for it. Just make sure to serve with a nice crusty baguette.

Comforting and Healthy3. Sancocho Colombiano:

It’s a stew recipe that my grandma taught me, my mom perfected and I work on quite often. You can vary the meats although I like to use chicken, beef and pork. The secret to the flavors and thickness of the stew is yuca and plantains. My family eats this with a side of white rice topped by a sunny side up egg. This is a great recipe to make on cold winter nights or when you have a long day ahead.

An Ooey Gooey Surprise2. Chocolate Molten Lava Cupcakes:

Julie’s grandmother used to make these Chocolate Molten Lava Cupcakes for her as a kid. The recipe is incredibly easy to make and yields super delicious cupcakes and they leave a gooey surprise in the center. These babies will delight the all little ones (and even the adults) in your household. They are just darling. Decorate them with flowers or your favorite designs to make them extra special treats to brighten up the gloomiest, raniest day.

A Colombian classic1. Arroz Con Coco Cartagenero:

This was the most looked at recipe of the entire year. Chef Sabas shared this Cartagenian dish with much pride. Although Arroz con Coco is made in many regions of the Caribbean Ocean, the Colombian variation has characteristics so particular that they make it unique in the region. I promise you will love this recipe no matter where you’re from.

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