Leading Wine Company Dumps NRA

1x1.trans Leading Wine Company Dumps NRAYalumba, Australia’s oldest family owned winery, has moved to cut ties from the National Rifle Association after it was disclosed that it was one of 20 Australian producers sold on the group’s wine club.

The Herald Sun reports the privately owned Barossa Valley company will begin to track how four of its wines made it onto the NRA’s profit-making club.

Owner Robert Hill Smith said he did not want Yalumba associated with the a pro-gun political lobby, even though it was a legal entity.

And the reason is no doubt because the wine club’s profits go directly to the NRA’s campaign stance to fight for Americans’ right to own and carry guns.

“Your purchase will directly benefit the NRA’s continuing support of America’s right to keep and bear arms and the other basic freedoms of the American culture,” Mr La Pierre says on the NRA’s website.

Robert Hill Smith commented: “Philosophically, I’m not disposed towards the NRA, which runs counter to my family’s, and I would think all my employees’, positions on gun laws.”
1x1.trans Leading Wine Company Dumps NRA
“We will act to withdraw our stock or at least not service the account any longer.”

The Huffington Post notes the NRA Wine Club is run with help from wine club specialist Vinesse.

The club’s website asks wine-lovers to “Support the National Rifle Association and America’s second Amendment rights by purchasing your wine through the NRA Wine Club.”

NRA membership is not a requirement to joining the wine club, but a portion of the profits from the hundreds of wines available online go directly to the NRA.

Leading Australian producers also on the wine club listings include St Hallett, Jim Barry Wines, d’Arenberg, Tahbilk, and Primo Estate. Many companies contacted by news agencies claimed to be unaware their wines were being sold to profit the NRA.

As the Huffington Post points out, despite these developments, the NRA’s membership has actually seen a sharp rise since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

In the month following the shooting, membership rose by 250,000 people.

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