Tap Tap Your Wines From The Tap

1x1.trans Tap Tap Your Wines From The TapIf you love your beers on tap, you would definitely love this new idea that has been serving up wines in town. This wine on tap system is flowing with goodness.

The wine on tap method is usually used in wineries, where fresh wines are stored in kegs. Now, it has reached beyond the boundaries of the wineries, with restaurants and bars keeping the wines in kegs, and serving it from there. It proved to be more cost-efficient and eco-friendly with the idea of not spending for any packaging materials like bottles, labels, corks, and boxes. Instead, you could just get the kegs refilled from the wineries. With the reusable and recyclable kegs that you can have custom-made for your convenience and wine storage and serving needs, more restaurateurs and even consumers can save up a very costly glass of wine.

1x1.trans Tap Tap Your Wines From The Tap

Kegs are also proven to preserve the wine’s freshness, keeping it from its mortal enemy – oxygen. Once the Wine bottles are opened, wine loses a part of its spirit, freshness and rich flavor, especially when it is exposed to air for a longer period. Even with the use of a cork, it could still lose the key elements that people love about wines. A glass of wine is supposed to give you a good sip of a great vintage.  Sometimes, we tend to think about whether it is a newly opened wine bottle or not. The impression would often leave the guest ordering a new bottle of freshness just to satisfy his/her palate. Now, wine lovers who order a glass of wine from restaurants would no longer rant about having to sip a wine that has been previously opened or having to spend more money on a single bottle that can’t be consumed immediately. With the kegs built and customized to keep the wines in an airtight container, these can be stored in a temperature that guarantees to preserve the wine’s freshness. No spoilage, only good, fresh, and rich flavors come out in every drop from the tap.

But wait, beer taps shouldn’t be mistaken as wine taps. The kegs used to store beer and wines are created according to their specific needs. These may not be easy and affordable at first, but if this becomes a huge hit, restaurateurs won’t be hesitating to have their own wine taps available. Who doesn’t want a cost-efficient wine storage system?

1x1.trans Tap Tap Your Wines From The TapThe barrel method of storing wines may be an old trick, but due to changing weather conditions, technology has upgraded the system for an even more effective storage and serving method. From wineries, pubs and restaurants in Europe, the keg system has gained a fair share in the U.S., being used by various restaurants and pubs in California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and of course, New York City. Don’t worry about the wine list because the owners are providing plenty of wine options to suit your tastes. Even in kegs, you can still have your favorite Pinot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and other kinds of wine that are favorable to your palate.

This is the new face of serving wines. Restaurant owners, you can avoid the hassles of having to throw away thousands of opened bottles of wines. Wine lovers, enjoy your glass of wine in a more efficient and money-saving method that technology and brilliant minds have to offer.

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