Wine Pairings for Modern Times

1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern TimesFor many, drinking wine is one of the best experiences in dining. The smooth flow of the drink, its unique flavor, heady bouquet, and eye-catching color all contribute to the reputation that wines have today.

We are aware that the pairing of wine with food is very important. To start with, each kind of food has its own particular flavor that. By pairing them with the wrong kind of wine, you could actually ruin an otherwise tasty dish. It also goes the same way when you pair wine with the wrong kind of food. There things like tannins, aroma, flavor, alcohol content, and other characteristics in wine that you’d have to think about.

1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern TimesNow, the trick here is to first understand your food, then know more about wines. Remember that the flavor of a dish can be affected by a wine. For example, lightly flavored fish dishes would be ruined by a strong wine like Madeira. If it is roast chicken, you might end up missing the hint of sweetness that you can find in Champagne.

For some, wine can even be matched with food you wouldn’t expect to go with it. Below is a list of food that could actually go well with wine (which you never thought would be possible):


1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times1. Hotdogs and sausages (Riesling) – it is a German thing, but you can learn a thing or two from them. Riesling have that effervescence and flavor that compliments well the salty, fatty, and strong tastes of hotdogs and sausages.
1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times2. Macaroni and cheese (Champagne) – light and bubbly, that’s how Champagne should be. Unless you’ve used beef or pork on the dish, this wine would do well for this dish. Let your sight, nose and palate decide how these two go well together.
1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times

3. Hamburgers (Cabernet Sauvignon) – grilled hamburger patties deserves a fruity and bodied taste that can only come from pure Cabernet Sauvignon. Your regular hamburger sandwich takes on a whole new dimension when you pair it with this kind of wine.

1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times4. Fried pickle chips (Sparkling rose) – think about the sweet sour taste of fried pickle chips, then imagine getting your tongue caressed by the sparkly sweet goodness of sparkling rose. You can easily imagine the flavors and textures that will explode in your mouth.

1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times5. Hot wings or Buffalo Wings (Muscadet) – just imagine the spicy goodness of deep-fried buffalo wings, then imagine the smooth, creamy feel of Muscadet washing down such a spicy treat. For sure, it is something worth your time and you will really love it.
1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times

6. Fried Chicken (Pinot Grigio) – believe me when I say this, fried chicken never tasted this good until you paired it with a glass of pinot grigio. The California variety of this wine has a crisp taste and a refreshing flavor that does complement poultry dishes.
1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times

7. Pulled Pork (Cremant de Loire) – slow-cooked, juicy and tender pork shank barbecued slowly on the grill tastes much better when you partner it with a glass of Cremant de Loire. The rich flavors burst with every sip of the wine.

1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times8. Korean BQ Ribs (Sangria Red) – sticky BBQ dishes are best complemented with a wine that is sweet to the taste, with hints of fruits and wonderful aromas all coming out. It is a nice way to wash down that tasty meal.
1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times

9. Grilled Seafood (White table wine) – Who would ever say no to grilled seafood? Whether it’s served as it is or with a sweet and sour sauce, a glass of white table wine would be an excellent complement to your dish. I bet you will be asking for more. They make a perfect match that you just can’t resist.
1x1.trans Wine Pairings for Modern Times

10. Cupcakes (Sauvignon Blanc) – sweet and tasty, they are just right for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. You would be surprised at the wonderful complement the wine brings when you have a bite of cupcakes.

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