Summer Ice Cream

ice cream share Summer Ice Cream Summer days are coming up, and what better way to enjoy that than to indulge on ice cream. Yes, that is true. Hot days are best enjoyed with a cone of cold, creamy goodness that can only come from ice cream.

Ice cream is the ubiquitous dish that is appreciated by people of all ages. Children are the biggest buyers, although it is not odd to see me treating myself to a cone or two.

Frozen treats have been around for hundreds of years. The ancient Romans knew how to prepare a dessert made with ice and fruits. Ancient Arabs were the first to put milk as creamer, and sugar as a sweetener, for the dessert. The Chinese, on the other hand, were believed to be the first to develop the rudiments of an ice cream maker.

Apple Tart Dessert Ice cream Summer Ice Cream It was during the 18th century when ice cream was first introduced in America. Since then, it has captured the taste of many Americans. With their do-it-yourself attitude, developing modern ice techniques became possible. For example, the first manual ice cream maker was developed by Nancy Johnson, and many of the ice cream recipes we know today were the creations of Augustus Jackson way back in the 1800s.

Gelato Ice Cream Summer Ice Cream Ice cream is a wonderful treat, especially if made at home. You can create your own styles and use different flavors. You might be interested in making a strawberry and cream cheese ice cream, a vanilla and fruit blend ice cream, and green tea ice cream. All these are unique flavors that you would certainly love.

As for the ice cream maker, there is no need to worry on that. The Internet can be a good place to buy one, particularly in Amazon. You could purchase the Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, which would make home-made ice cream an easy thing to do.

Go ahead and give yourself a treat.

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1x1.trans Summer Ice Cream

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