Why We Love Skye Gyngell

sky Why We Love Skye GyngellBeing a seasonal chef isn’t a bad idea at all. And if you’re Skye Gyngell, it can actually be a source of brilliance.

Skye Gyngell is an award-winning food writer, as well as head chef of the popular Petersham Nurseries Cafe. She is noted for her brilliant take on ingredients, focusing her attention on how to cook each and every one of these in such a manner as to bring out its full flavors. There’s no mistaking the brilliance of this woman when it comes to making these delectable dishes that she plucks from the cafe’s garden.

skye Why We Love Skye GyngellA native of Australia, Gyngell had worked in some of Sydney’s best restaurants. Still, it was during her stay in Paris under the tutelage ofAnne Willen of La Varenne that she had further honed her craft. She also stayed for a period of time at the popular Dodin-Bouffant, before she went flying to London. There she worked at The French House and at The Dorchester with Anton Mossiman. After that, she was somewhat hidden from the public because of her work for several private clients.

After that, Gyngell was able to fully realize her talent for delicious seasonal cooking at the Petersham Nurseries Cafe. All the ingredients she needs can be had from the garden maintained by the nursery. As for other ingredients, she makes sure that she could get them from the locals as much as possible. Truly an indication to her devotion to seasonal cooking is that the cafe’s menu changes every week. She is so creative that she can cook up titillating dishes out of the ingredients found there.

As a food writer, Gyngell’s articles in the Independent on Sunday are one of the most read columns. In addition, her three books have received various accolades for keeping the spirit of natural cooking, the ease in which to prepare them, and the photos that accompany each dish. Notable of these books is “A Year In My Kitchen.” Truly, Gyngell is a cook of world-class standards. She deserves praise for her unwavering talent and skill in cooking the best-tasting meals.

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1x1.trans Why We Love Skye Gyngell

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