Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu

1x1.trans Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu Fusion cuisine seems to be all the rage these days, and while we’re at it, let’s take a look at one of the most celebrated chefs that specialize on this – Matsuhisa Nobu. He’s one of the few chefs in the world who can successfully put together amazing dishes that titillate the taste buds, and amaze us at the artistry involved. After all, fusion cooking is all about harmony. And Nobu pretty much does an excellent job in that area. Not many chefs can lay claim to the genius that Nobu is famous for.

1x1.trans Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu Born in Saitama, Japan, Nobu lost his father at a very young age. His mother took care of raising him and his brothers. Upon graduating high school, he worked at Matsue Sushi, a sushi restaurant, for the next seven years. During this time, he met a Japanese customer who is also a restaurant entrepreneur in Peru. Nobu was invited to try his hand in setting up a restaurant there. The rest, as you might expect, is history. It’s safe to say that his work in international restaurants helped shape his skill in fusion cooking, where creativity and resourcefulness is needed.

1x1.trans Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu Nobu reached superstar status in his career when he became partners with actor Robert De Niro. Together, they opened the NOBU restaurant chain that instantly became a hit. All the restaurants in the chain received rave reviews. Most of these praise the way the Japanese chef fused Japanese cuisine with that of South American cooking. The results of this mix are dishes that bring out the best of both worlds. So popular are the restaurants that NOBU restaurants began cropping up in every part of the world, from Las Vegas to Tokyo. As a sign of his greatness, three of his NOBU restaurants received a Michelin Star each: NOBU Las Vegas, NOBU London, and NOBU Berkeley Street London.

1x1.trans Why We Love Matsuhisa Nobu He is also an author of several cookbooks, all which detail his skills in fusion cooking and how the dishes featured can be done at home. These books are Nobu: The Cookbook (2001), Nobu Now (2005), Nobu West (2007), and Nobu: The Party Notebook (2008). All these are testament to the brilliance of this culinary artist.

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