Best Day of The Week to Shop & Save on Groceries

1x1.trans Best Day of The Week to Shop & Save on GroceriesAccording to Business Insider, “The Why Behind the Buy” consumer survey says monthly food budgets have shrunk by 7% in the last year, to $94.60. Families earning less than $75,000 are saving the most, reducing grocery budgets by 10%.

Bloomberg reports that almost two-fifths of consumers surveyed in 17 countries said high food prices have changed their diets, with people in poorer nations hit hardest by increased costs.

With unemployment still high, the economy at a standstill and rising food prices that surely won’t be going south any time soon, most of us are on the look out for ways to cut our weekly grocery bills.

Since many grocery stores release their new sale advertisements Wednesday, and also honor the sales items from the previous week, that makes Wednesday the best day of the week to go grocery shopping, according to

1x1.trans Best Day of The Week to Shop & Save on GroceriesLifehacker’s advice is corroborated by Lisa Schmeiser at The San Francisco Chronicle, who recommends going grocery shopping on Wednesday evening.

Most grocery stores here in the Bay Area will mail out their sales flyers so they hit your mailbox on Tuesday, writes Schmeiser, with prices good from Wednesday on. So if there’s something you really want to stock up on, haunt the aisles on Hump Day. Some grocery stores will even email you weekly, letting you know which products you like that are on sale and linking to web-only coupons.

And Lifehacker’s Melanie Pinola claims the best time to shop for groceries is in the evenings, when supermarkets are likely to have already reduced prices on items that are expiring soon. The same was true for supermarkets located in Arizona, California, Colorado, and other western states.

1x1.trans Best Day of The Week to Shop & Save on Groceries“Each supermarket chain will reduce their bargains at different times, but it stands to reason that the best discounts will usually be found later in the day for things like bakery goods, meat, and produce that have limited shelf life.”

Another reason to shop in the middle of the week is because fresh produce and fish are likely to be re-stocked mid-week.

“For about half of the country, this is the day when approximately half of the retailers start their weekly sales,” says Gord Crowson of

Crowson adds that it’s best to shop in the evening or a couple of hours prior to closing. “This is the time when perishables are typically reduced for quick sale. If the Produce, Bakery, or Meat departments are concerned about having too much stock left over at the end of the day, they will often reduce the price by up to 50% to encourage quick sales.”

1x1.trans Best Day of The Week to Shop & Save on Groceries
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1x1.trans Best Day of The Week to Shop & Save on Groceries