Review of Frito Lay’s Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos

The only thing worse than junk food itself is a junk food hybrid. And Pepsi-flavored Cheetos is the latest offering, courtesy of some curious people in Japan.

1x1.trans Review of Frito Lays Pepsi Flavored CheetosWriting for The Impulsive Buy, Steve claims his review is not so much a review as it is a mile marker for future historians to note when our inevitable self-destruction finally occurs.

Steve writes: “Time after time we are warned against charging recklessly into the untamed wilderness of science and technology, yet even in the last few years we find ourselves with peanut butter and jelly vodka, cronuts, Doritos Locos Tacos, Cherry Coke, and pizzas with hot dogs in the crust.”

These are things we put willingly into our bodies, says Steve. Well, not all of us, but certainly enough to make one question the sanity of humankind.

Sold in Japan, the Frito Lay Cheetos x Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa Cola Corn Snack are Cheetos that are covered in a fizz-inducing cola powder.

When Steve opened the bag he was struck by the aroma, which he described as resembling powdered cinnamon donuts made by Entenmann’s in the three pack with powdered sugar and plain.

“The first sensation, which I did not expect, was a very acidic bite. It’s very citrusy, almost sour. And it hits hard. It tries to capture the citrus notes of Pepsi, but it’s over the top. Too lemony. The sweeter cola flavor is there but it’s subtler and overpowered by the intense citrus.”

Steve claims the taste lingers in the mouth for a while and leaves a lemony, Pepsi aftertaste. And there is also a noticeable fizz in the mouth, a popping and cracking, when eating these Pepsi-flavored Cheetos. “It’s all about attention to detail, guys. I tip my hat to Frito-Lay for that one.”

Steve credits the effort as an accurate flavor recreation. “It’s an impressive effort to be sure. That said, I don’t like them. I could only get through a few of them. They’ve got a lot going on and are kind of intense. A few tweaks to the levels of citrus and cola and these could be passable.”

Item: Frito Lay Cheetos x Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa Cola Corn Snack

(Nutrition Facts – 1 package – 414 kcal, 24.8 grams of fat, 614 milligrams of sodium, 44.6 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of protein.)

Purchased Price: $3.99 (plus shipping)

Size: 75 gram bag

Purchased at: eBay

Rating: 5 out of 10

Pros: Pepsi-ish. A for effort. Fizzing snacks. Science.

Cons: Lingering aftertaste. Lemon.

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