Famous Names In the Vegan List

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListVegans have been rocking the food scene for quite sometime. The number of vegans, from ordinary people, to celebrities, and powerful individuals has grown sporadically throughout the years. In the spirit of being healthy, no wonder the biggest names in movie, television and politics are going for some veggie action.

Celebrities are known to be the faces and ambassadors of a certain advertisement. It is already considered as a lifestyle rather than a mere eating habit, especially in Hollywood. Some of the biggest names in the industry are advocating the vegetarian and the vegan lifestyle. Some of them are in for the reason to stay fit and healthy, while others advocate against the violation of animal rights. These celebrities are not only famous for being what they have been, but also for their vegan inclinations.  Here is our take on famous celebrities on the vegan list.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListEllen De Generes. Animal rights – this is one of the reasons why famous TV host and personality, Ellen De Generes made the decision to join the vegan community. She loved cheeseburgers and steaks, but now, she has a strong 8-month vegan romance. She turned her back against her first loves – cheese and meat. Her change of mindset and heart from a meat lover to a strict vegan was known to have been caused by documentaries that provide footages of certain factor farms and dairy farms. She realized that she does not have the heart to participate in that kind of act against animals. She and her wife, Portia are both strict vegans. Ellen announced the launch of a new vegan website called “Going Vegan with Ellen,” that helps you to control and eventually stop your meat cravings.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListAlicia Silverstone. No doubt, she is one of America’s Sweethearts, and now she is giving a voice to PETA’s growing community. Alicia Silverstone was having sleeping problems, asthma, constipation, and acne. But that was before she had gone to become a full-fledged vegan. Silverstone explains that her being a vegan was a process and not an overnight transformation. She knew what vegetarian was when she was still a little kid, and it was just a few years after her hit movie “Clueless,” that she became a full pledged vegan. When she became a vegan, she slept soundly, became healthier and more energetic. She used to have cheese with wine but then, her body seems to react negatively in a matter of hours. It was for health reasons and love for animals that turned her into an advocate of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA. Now, she shares her vegan recipes and diets with others through books, guestings, and other sharing opportunities.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListNatalie Portman. Known for portraying roles such as the young Queen Amidala in Star Wars and last year’s Black Swan, Natalie Portman is also known as a big vegan celebrity. She became vegan after reading a book called eating animals. Natalie is a strict vegan with a strong advocacy in protecting animal rights. She does not wear any clothing that are made with animal skin, feather, or fur, even leathers. She has even created her own vegan footwear brand. But because of her pregnancy, she has had to battle with food and veganism as she took a break from it and felt like she needed some eggs and dairy when she got pregnant. Being a strong vegan and activist that she is, I hope that this situation is only for the time being, and that she’ll be back on track right after.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListBill Clinton. He is totally not a celebrity figure, but rather, a popular name in politics. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has turned into a vegan after having some serious health issues. He was a true blue American who loved American food such as steaks, hamburgers, barbecue, chicken, and many more. He wasn’t really a picky eater, but everything was changed after undergoing a heart procedure, of which healthy eating was advised by the doctor. He has recently followed a full vegetarian and eventually a vegan diet, allowing him to lose more than 20 pounds. His diet of meatless meals, no dairy, and eggs, with lesser oil was the secret to his great recovery. He states that he had felt healthier than ever, and now, he is encouraging people with the same advocacy – to eat and live healthy.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListWoody Harrelson. Vanity – this is one of the reasons why famous Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson adapted the veganism lifestyle. He had been suffering from skin problems during his teenage years. Upon the suggestion of his friend, he removed dairy from his diet. Since then, he felt more energetic and of course, his skin problems diminished.  Since in his 20′s, Harrelson has been avoiding meat and dairy products, which was not an easy feat because he was a big fan of steaks and burgers.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListTobey Maguire. Wanna know how spidey got his cool physique in the movies? Tobey Maguire seemingly prepared well to take on the role of spiderman. Maguire needed to bulk up for his Peter Parker/Spiderman role, so, his diet leaned towards protein by having lots of tofu. It worked pretty well for him as he looks better with this healthy veggie lifestyle. He has been a vegetarian since 1992, and has recently converted into a fulltime vegan. Tobey Maguire is not only a vegan at heart, he is also an advocate of vegetarianism and last year, he launched a program to teach school kids the value of having ecologically safe food and living a healthy lifestyle.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListPamela Anderson. Known for being one of the Baywatch Babes, a series of Playboy movies, and Dancing With The Stars, Pamela Anderson is popular for her outstanding participation as a PETA advocate and activist. She is actively participating in PETA campaigns for animal rights. She was seen in different PETA ads and shared her thoughts about vegetarianism, veganism, and meat eaters through various TV show guestings. While at it, Pamela is also keen on sharing her own vegan recipes to the public. In 2010, she introduced her vegan milkshake without using any animal products. She also said that veganism has helped her manage her Hepatitis C, lose weight, and tone her body.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan ListCarrie Underwood. Known for her country-style singing and bagging the American Idol prize in its early years, Carrie Underwood is also a certified vegetarian at heart. She embraced the vegetarian lifestyle during her adolescent years (teenage). Carrie was awarded PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity back in 2005 and says, “she’d rather sing to cows than eat them.” But recently, Carrie blossomed from being a vegetarian to a full grown vegan. Her decision to dive into becoming a vegan is due to health reasons. She shied away from animal products such as milk because of her lactose intolerance.

The list of vegan celebrities goes on and on. It looks like they’ve become not only great in being celebrities in their own world, but also, a great advocates of health and animal protection in their own little way. This is a great development in veganism that could empower the citizens of the world to lean towards becoming healthier.

1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan List
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1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan List
1x1.trans Famous Names In the Vegan List

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