Ultimate Foodie Gifts

1x1.trans Ultimate Foodie Gifts

Sous Vide Supreme Soda Stream Kitchen Aid Le Creuset Essential Enameled Cast-Iron 5-Piece Modernist Cuisine Caviar Saffron Nespresso Immersion Blender Blendtect Wusthof Classic 12-Inch Heavy Cook's Knife Smart Grill Image Map

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1x1.trans Ultimate Foodie Gifts

J Michael Reilly

J Michael is a photographer whose prolific work has focused on food, spirits and the NYC Celebrity lifestyle. His recent passion is videography and his latest work is the music video for Will Sheridan called, “What’s Your Phunktion?” As a NYC fixture J Michael eats and photographs the underbelly of the New York City food scene. With a degree in Theatre from Rutgers University he has been able to connect the food and art culture via his photography. He is a regular contributor to FriendsEAT. On his downtime J Michael is an avid Rugby player who is a force on the pitch. J Michael lives in New Jersey and spends his time behind the camera or on the field.
1x1.trans Ultimate Foodie Gifts

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