What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Avocados

Twitter Logo3 Whats Cookin on Twitter: AvocadosThe kind of green avocado has does not look as appetizing as, say, the kind of green a green apple has.  Maybe its mushy texture also reminds you of something else.  But nonetheless, there are so many things you can do to an avocado to make it yummier than it usually does.   We have the world of Twitter to tell us what to do with its lovely flesh!

With avocado, you can make do with the basics as saudeverdelimao’s technique:

saudeverdelimao1 150x150 Whats Cookin on Twitter: AvocadosAvocado + Lemon + Sugar = Hapiness #Brakfast #Recipes #Helthy

Alright.  Now let’s take the what-shall-we-add-to-avocado to the next level.  Here’s a a suggestion from tonethski:

tonethski1 150x150 Whats Cookin on Twitter: AvocadosPreparing dinner with Ate rose. Shrimp with crispy fry and avocado with condensed milk for our dessert.

Avocado and condensed milk!  How about that. I wonder is BttrfliGoddess can pick up this tip as she turns the avocado as a great starter food:

BttrfliGoddess1 Whats Cookin on Twitter: AvocadosStarted making fresh organic baby purees tonight!! Super excited…first one is Avocado\

But now, instead of adding something to the avocado, BJoyPreston suggests adding avocado as a way to augment taste and texture:

BJoyPreston1 150x150 Whats Cookin on Twitter: AvocadosNicely ripened avocado makes raw soup creamy and green, adding healthy fat and subtle flavor. A recipe http://cli.gs/bNEa

What excellent ideas!  Now, don’t you just feel like rushing to the market or the grocery store to buy a pile of these avocados?