What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Rosemary

Twitter Logo1 Whats Cookin on Twitter: RosemaryWhen you say rosemary, you will either visualize that fresh sprig of herb or Mia Farrow with that gorgeous pixie haircut.  Nonetheless, the lovely rosemary (the herb) is making the rounds around Twitterdom as this romantic herb is battling for the front row come Valentine’s Day.

Romance_N_Love is actually already highlighting this aromatic with February 14 just around the corner:

romance n love Whats Cookin on Twitter: RosemaryRecipe for romance? Cook with rosemary http://dlvr.it/G42CQ

And — voila!  Rosemary recipes have invaded Twitterdom:


vintage awesome Whats Cookin on Twitter: RosemaryWaiting for dinner to cook. Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Skewers with salad… things.


timtwitterno 100film Whats Cookin on Twitter: Rosemary@G_melbs @mariellam hmm that’s a good point..baked sweet potato with garlic, olive oil & Rosemary is awesome by the way.. Mariella?

jane13barnes :

1jbwerrman916B W Whats Cookin on Twitter: RosemaryRoast eye fillet with garlic rosemary & porcini gravy, parsley butter new potatoes & steamed silverbeat from the garden….:)

If these do not make you hungry, how about some hunger for good ol’ romance, as shared by Thelmatweets:

thelma Whats Cookin on Twitter: RosemaryThere is rosemary, that’s for remembrance. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts. William Shakespeare

Yes, rosemary is such a sweet thing that you’ll find it in a dish or in sheer poetry.



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