What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Pine Nuts

Twitter Logo2 Whats Cookin on Twitter: Pine NutsPine nuts seem to have taken the Valentine rage on Twitter as this tree nut has been exposed as an aphrodisiac — among other interesting things.

The expose begins with a continuous Tweets o’trivia (or Trivia o’ Tweets) from Everyman_Cancer; and so the tweets go: Everyman Cancer Whats Cookin on Twitter: Pine Nuts

Everyman_Cancer Everyman Campaign

The Greeks and Romans believed the pine nut 2 b an aphrodisiac! Awwriiiight pine nuts just got in-ter-est-ing! *waggleseyebrowssuggestively*

Everyman_Cancer Everyman Campaign

Pine nuts grow INSIDE pine cones?! Did NOT know that. Pine trees r clearly v protective of their nuts. And rightly so, say I.

But hang on! When it comes to trivia, other Twitter-ers have something nutty to share as well.  For instance, nibby01 has some interesting calculations to present — nibby01 Whats Cookin on Twitter: Pine Nuts

RT @Everyman_Cancer: One ton of pine cones yields about 75 pounds of pine nuts. That would make quite a salad…

— whereas sunevh has a taste comparison to present: sunevh Whats Cookin on Twitter: Pine Nuts

Beetles taste like apples, wasps like pine nuts, and worms like fried bacon. #fact #didyouknow

Now, whether you like the taste of pine nuts or wasps, we just know what to do how to make the former taste at its best.  The classic tip as dianemulholland shared: dianemulholland Whats Cookin on Twitter: Pine Nuts

Toasting pine nuts for fresh pesto icon smile Whats Cookin on Twitter: Pine Nuts Yum!

Yummy indeed, and we are not surprised.