What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Cookies

twitter logo1 Whats Cookin on Twitter   CookiesEverybody seems to be getting excited about 1) the National Cookie Day this December 4, and 2) finding out that there’s actually a National Cookie Day!  Who knew, right?  Apparently, Twitter is the great treasure of discovery where holiday and cookies tweets are hard to miss out on.

criseyde Whats Cookin on Twitter   CookiesFor instance, criseyde tweeted,

Apparently it’s National Cookie Day on Saturday. You know what this means.

NychAintShit Whats Cookin on Twitter   CookiesYes, we know what that means; NychAintShit defines the National Cookie Day this Saturday by what is happening today:

#Excuses2BeAFatKid RT @_KellZ: Tomorrow is National Cookie Day so we’re recognizing it today.

lunchbox Whats Cookin on Twitter   CookiesWho knew there’s a National Cookie Day’s Eve too?  But of course, the joy is not only apparent among us who is kicking the weekend off with trips to the cookie store.  lunchboxbunch shares that it is about making someone happy, hence,

I say we let @SesameStreet’s Cookie Monster eat as many cookies as his lil heart desires. My view: http://veg.mx/gCt6Su ..(96% of u agree!)

marcusgilmer Whats Cookin on Twitter   CookiesHow complicated is eating a cookie if you have the Cookie Monster to guide that special nomnomnom moment?  For marcusgilmer, however, attacking a cookie requires an entirely different approach:

@haterface for cookies? Aint no questionaire. Bake them. Eat them. Lather, rinse, repeat. DONE.

oOlympiaGO Whats Cookin on Twitter   Cookies… and we shake it all around.  For another amusing cookie treat, we cannot help but share a joke to kick the weekend off with a small dose of snicker:

OlympiaGO Bad Joke of the Day: What did the gingerbread man have on his bed? Cookie sheets!

And if you want those cookies nice and uncrumbled, make sure to grease those cookie sheets.  Don’t forget to have a happy weekend, and to those who do, here’s a cookie for you.