Food Blog Digest – Gearing up for Hanukkah

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for HanukkahWe have just barely survived Thanksgiving, and now another tradition is up in the air!  The Jewish Festival of Lights or the Hanukkah officially starts on December 1, and many food blogs have been gearing up for this another round of food and celebrations.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for HanukkahTrini Gourmet – Curried Latkes and Ginger Ale

Latkes is almost synonymous with Hanukkah, and to make these potato pancakes more interesting than usual, Trini Gourmet shares a recipe for a mini and curried version.  The blog also throws in a recipe for cool ginger ale.  Now this is a perfect pairing.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for HanukkahAunt Jayne’s Blog – A Vegetarian’s Hanukkah

Who says Hanukkah foods tend to be unhealthy because almost all of them are fried?  Vegetarians can also feast  on the Hanukkah spirit and enjoy something that is truly Jewish in origins.  Aunt Jayne shares a recipe for Salat Yerakot Israeli, an Israeli vegetable salad.  The recipe seems simple but the flavors are very fresh and traditional.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for HanukkahMr. Food Blog – Hanukkah Traditions

This short blog post gives a brief on some family Hanukkah traditions and a couple of tried and tested recipes during the celebrations.  Click on the links to get the recipes for Perfect Potato Pancakes and Chunky Applesauce.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for HanukkahZabar’s – Chanukah Jelly Doughnuts

Jelly doughnuts is not just a policeman’s favorite, it is actually part of the Hanukkah food tradition although it is called sufganiyot or soufganiot.  This post shares a recipe for this yummy Hanukkah treats and some tips on how to make these sufganiyot an ever-present snack during the holidays.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for HanukkahMulticultural Cooking Network – 8 Recipes

If you’re curious about cooking something that is Hanukkah-inspired, this is a one-stop blog post where you’ll have links to eight different recipes.  From the classic latkes to the yummy Lamb with Apricots and the savory Cheese Blintzes, feast on the culinary possibilities during this special Jewish holiday.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Gearing up for Hanukkah

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