Top Ten Food Movies

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

Food and movies have something in common: they allow sharing an experience of entertainment and knowledge as they feed your body and soul.  With Thanksgiving in the air, watching a movie or two over the holidays with family is a good tradition to that can establish bonds.  But of course, movies are a perfect break from those hours of watching football, right?

With food and celebration in the air, dig up your movie boxes or go your nearest rental for some movie magic experience in the next few days.  Here’s out Top Ten Food Films that does not fail in entertainment, wonder, and heartwarming storylines.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

10) Mostly Martha

This German film is about a passionate female chef who is too focused about her career and her food that she rates pretty low on relations.  A family tragedy eventually changes her perspective and her life. Much better than the American re-make with Catherine Zeta Jones, but then again…remakes hardly ever hold up to the original.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

9) Woman on Top

This girl power movie is filled with food, puns, and Penelope Cruz’s quirky persona.  As a Brazilian chef turned TV personality, Penelope Cruz proves that being a woman on top is about passion and independence, even if you’re just cooking. This movie is light hearted, fun and one of my favorite chick flicks. Don’t expect a critically acclaimed film, just a fun romantic comedy with a touch of Brazilian heat and some amazing music that will put you in the mood (to cook).

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies8) Big Night

Big Night can be observed to have made its mark in the entire genre of food and movies.  Set in a fine dining restaurant facing dire times, Big Night presents the detailed preparation for a successful lavish feast in order to save the business.  With the forces of Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub as the brothers who own the restaurant, Big Night is a success in its cinematic achievements and ability to make the audience crave for more food.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

7) Chocolat

Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp star in this delightful film about being different and surrendering to the temptations of chocolate.  This movie is sensual, decadent, heart touching and simply made me ravenous for a cup of spiced hot chocolate and a little bit of Johnny Depp. This is the ultimate date movie.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

6) Julie and Julia

This film crosses the paths of Julia Child during her days of mastering the culinary arts, and Julie Powell, a blogger who dedicates a year to learn about French cooking through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Didn’t quite fall in love with Julie, but Streep as Julia…just wow. left me wishing they had just made a Julia Child biopic. Still, the movie was lots of fun to watch.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

5) Tampopo

This 1980s ramen movie is a funny weave of different stories the surround food.  With a comedic Western treatment, Tampopo is most memorable with the dynamics between the chef who wants to learn how to cook the best noodles in the country and a Japanese cowboy, in the form of a drifter, who helps him achieve it.  Never has a film presented food in this manner and you better watch this tonight over a nice bowl or ramen.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

4) Ratatouille

This well-loved animation feature is about a rat who has the skills and the talent to cook the best food in town, and a young kitchen hand who makes his way up with the help of his “little friend”.  Both funny and amusing, Ratatouille will rouse your curiosity for the dynamics outside the dining room and whether rats have a place in the kitchen. You cannot consider yourself a foodie if you have not seen this amazing film.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies3) Babette’s Feast

This Academy Award winning Danish film shows the lavishness in preparing the most amazing dinner held in someone’s memory.  Babette’s Feast is a celebration of human pleasures in the form of food, relationships and the overall sensuality of beign alive.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies2) Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman is a movie about broken and repressed relationships redirected through the artistry in making food.  Set in modern-day Taiwan about a chef and his three unattached daughters, this movie is a romantic film which uses food as the metaphor of life’s greatest treasure: people.

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies1) Like Water For Chocolate

Como Agua Para Chocolate is peppered with the magical realism that has become synonymous with Latin American Art (think Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Isabel Allende). The movie follows the women of a matriarchal family and the love story between Pedro and Tita. Perhaps not something you want to watch with the kiddies all around, but a movie you will most definitely not want to skip (and the book has the recipes that you see in the film…just in case you get inspired).

1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies
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1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies
1x1.trans Top Ten Food Movies

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