Top Ten Breastaurants

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In the past 10 years, some of America’s biggest food chains have lost more than 50% of their sales and have closed hundreds of locations nationwide..1x1.trans Top Ten Breastaurants

Restaurants such as Big Boy, Ponderosa and Bennigan’s, have failed to update their brand or menu options, and many of their locations have been closed to make way for new eateries.

The failure of these large food chains has paved the way for a booming niche in the struggling restaurant industry known as “breastaurants“, or sports bars that feature scantily clad waitresses.

Here is a list of the top ten breastaurants:

1x1.trans Top Ten Breastaurants10) Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke
Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke is a BBQ joint with five Texas locations. Its website breaks down its appeal: “BBQ, BEER AND DADDY’S GIRLS.”

9) Shorty’s Bar and Grill

Shorty’s Bar and Grill describes itself as a family-friendly restaurant, but its waitresses — the Shorty Girls — always serve up fare wearing country-ified getups. Its website describes them as being of a “country girl-next door type.” The place’s “Big A$$” burger holds a hallowed place on the menu.

1x1.trans Top Ten Breastaurants8) Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill gets its name from its waitresses, who serve up wings, burgers and more in tiny swimsuits. The first of its 12 locations in Texas, North Carolina and Oklahoma was founded in 2001.

1x1.trans Top Ten Breastaurants7) Cowgirls Espresso

Seattle-based Cowgirl Espresso is a coffee kiosk manned by baristas in barely-there ensembles. Costumes change depending on the day’s theme; there’s Military Mondays, Cowgirl Tuesdays, Bikini Wednesdays, School Girl Thursdays and Fantasy Fridays.

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1x1.trans Top Ten Breastaurants
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1x1.trans Top Ten Breastaurants


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