$1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?

1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?For those still in doubt about the ever widening gap between the rich and poor, consider this: two months ago, foodstamp usage surged by the most in one year to a new all time record of 47.1 million.

Meanwhile in New York, a posh Italian restaurant is selling a pasta dish for more than $2,000. Below we’ve listed seven outrageously expensive menu offerings:

7) $66 Kobe Beef Steak Pizza
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
A Dimino’s pizza shop in Japan is offering a Kobe Beef Steak Pizza for $66. This is the first time the pizza shop has offered a pizza made with Kobe Beef, the most expensive beef in the world. Under Japanese law, Kobe beef can only come from Hyogo prefecture in Japan, of which Kobe is the capital city.

Kobe beef refers to beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, located in the Kansai region on Honshū island. The Kobe Beef Pizza will be offered until mid-January, 2013.

6) $150 Gordon Ramsay’s Wood Fire-Baked Pizza
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
Gordon Ramsay’s wood fire-baked pizza is topped with onion purée, white truffle paste, Fontina cheese, baby mozzarella, pancetta, cep mushrooms, mizuna lettuce and white truffle shavings, sold at the chef’s Maza restaurant in London.

5) $800 Pint of Belgian Ale
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
BrewDog, a Scottish company, claims its ale is the world’s strongest and most expensive. The ale contains 55% alcohol, and is served in a bottle made from the carcass of either a squirrel, hare or stoat.

“This seems to be a perverse idea. It’s just bad thinking about animals, people should learn to respect them, rather than using them for some stupid marketing gimmick,” Libby Anderson, the policy director for Advocates for Animals, told the BBC.

BrewDog founder James Watts claims he just wants to show people there is an alternative to monolithic corporate beers and introduce them to a completely new approach to beer.

“This is another example of this company pushing the boundaries of acceptability all in the pursuit of cheap marketing tactics,” said Barbara O’Donnell, director of services at Alcohol Focus Scotland.

4) $1,000 Bagel
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
At New York’s Westin hotel at Times Square, chef Frank Tujague created a limited time $1,000 bagel stuffed with white truffle cream cheese and goji berry-infused Riesling jelly with gold leaves.

3) $1,000 Omelet
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
Several years ago, Le Parker Meridien hotel on W. 57th St. added a $1,000 omelet to its menu. The omelet consisted of a mix of eggs, lobster and lots of caviar.

“Norma’s, the restaurant in Le Parker Meridien, offered an economy version of the frittata, a crustless quiche that contains 1 ounce of sevruga caviar for $100. The supersize version with 10 ounces of the caviar was sold for $1,000.

2) $2,000 Plate of Pasta
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
New York restaurant BiCE is selling a pasta dish topped with lobster and black truffle for $2,013. The meal is served on a limited edition plate designed by the late Gianni Versace.

The dish of homemade tagliolini, two pounds of fresh Maine lobster, wild mushrooms and a generous shaving of black truffle, is served on a limited-edition gold-leaf plate designed by the late Gianni Versace which diners can take home.

1) $16,000 Meat Pie
1x1.trans $1,000 for a Bagel? How About $16,000 For a Meat Pie?
Sold at the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, England, a $16,000 meat pie is marinated in two bottles of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, filled with truffles and Matsusake mushrooms, and edible 23-carat gold for garnish.

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