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1x1.trans Top Chef All Stars: Great Cooking EntertainmentIt sounds like we’ve got something to look forward to every Wednesday night. Bravo’s Top Chef is back, and this time, it’s an all-star cast.

This is a different kind of competition now, not to mention that all the contestants are familiar faces. The producers of the show have decided to bring back the chefs from different seasons to compete against each other for the title. But here’s the twist: all these cheftestants never won in their respective seasons. This makes this show like a second chance for them to reach their dreams.

And who are these contestants? Except for Elia Aboumrad, who was the first to be sent home; here’s the list of chefs still in the competition, with the season they were originally from and their place at the end it:

  • Stephen Asprinio, Season 1 (5th)
  • Richard Blais, Season 4 (Runner-Up)
  • Jennifer Carroll, Season 6 (4th)
  • Tiffany Derry, Season 7 (5th)
  • Tiffani Faison, Season 1 (Runner-Up)
  • Carla Hall, Season 5 (Runner-Up)
  • Mike Isabella, Season 6 (7th)
  • Jamie Lauren, Season 5 (7th)
  • Dale Levitski, Season 3 (Runner-Up)
  • Antonia Lofaso, Season 4 (4th)
  • 1x1.trans Top Chef All Stars: Great Cooking EntertainmentSpike Mendelsohn, Season 4 (5th)
  • Angelo Sosa, Season 7 (Runner-Up)
  • Dale Talde, Season 4 (6th)
  • Casey Thompson, Season 3 (Runner-Up)
  • Marcel Vigneron, Season 2 (Runner-Up)
  • 1x1.trans Top Chef All Stars: Great Cooking EntertainmentFabio Viviani, Season 5 (4th)
  • Tre Wilcox, Season 3 (8th)

1x1.trans Top Chef All Stars: Great Cooking EntertainmentThe show is hosted by Padma Lakshmi. The judges are Tom Calicchio, Gail Simmons, and, new to the show, is Anthony Bourdain. All of them, except for Bourdain, returned from their previous stint in season 7. It’s going to be one nerve-wracking affair with them. With Bourdain now in the show, we’re sure going to have a very entertaining dissection of what the contestants have prepared.

The show is divided into two parts. The first part is called the “Quickfire Challenge.” Here, the chefs are teamed up to prepare dishes that are native to the city they came from. The winners in this challenge will gain immunity from the elimination round. In the Elimination round, the chefs are individually confronted with ingredients for the dishes that they failed to makes. The challenge is to recreate these dishes successfully.

Indeed, the drama of this show can’t get any better. Pressure, fun, cooking, and tension are all blended together to make what we all know is one superb show. I’m telling you, this is one show you shouldn’t miss.

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