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What's This?

After careful review, we assembled five of the most bizarre food related crimes of 2012.

The nature of the crimes range from amusing embarrassment to macabre tales we thought only Stephen King could summons from his wickedly lively imagination.

5) Sushi Bar Busted with One-Way Mirror In Ladies Room

Although not officially a crime, complaints were filed with The Chamber of Commerce in Vienna by women who were appalled when they discovered a one-way mirror, or semi-transparent Venetian mirror placed above the urinals in the men’s room, allowing men to peer into the ladies room while they urinated.

“We were shocked when we heard that,” said a female customer at the restaurant, eating with her friends.

“I immediately responded to a waiter and was told to be quiet,” said the 45-year-old female, identified only as Mrs. B.

4) Shocked Diners Watch As Couple Have Sex on Restaurant Table

A couple was caught having sex at a popular restaurant in Orlando, Florida, on a patio table situated on an outdoor terrace in plain view of restaurant patrons, including children, and sidewalk pedestrian traffic.

Tiffani Lynn Barganier was apparently sitting atop Jeremie Calo when restaurant manager Tom Murphy told the couple: “Compose yourself, pay your tab or I’ll call the police.”

Calo replied, “She can’t get up at this time” while his date was still on top of him. When Murphy was dialing 911, Calo allegedly attempted to walk out with two of the restaurant’s glasses, but another employee stopped him.

A scuffle between Murphy and Calo ensued, and Murphy and two employees held Calo down until authorities arrived.

3) Restaurateur Creates Fake Sex Profile For Diner Who Complained of Bad Service

Marisol Simoes, co-owner of two eateries in Ottawa, Ontario, was incensed when diner Elayna Katz criticized her restaurant in Ottawa for bad service.

Katz complained that the service at Mambo Nuevo Latino was rude and slow, and that her server brought her a pasta dish with olives when she’d asked for it without olives.

When Katz’s bad review hit a restaurant industry site, she says a deluge of posts followed using her full name and address.

To get revenge, Simoes used Katz’s name and wedding photos to create a fake profile for her on a sex site, which touted Katz as a tiger in the bedroom, who liked transgender mates and group sex.

The profile was set up using a log-in with Simoes’ information. Simoes was implicated because the phony profile closely resembled emails that she’d also sent to Elayna Katz’s employers.

“I am open to anything — couples, threesomes and group sex. Am especially into transsexuals and transgenders (being one myself)” read the e-mail that was circulated in Katz’s name.

Simoes was found guilty of criminal libel.

2) Restaurateur Accused of Poisoning Girlfriend to Force Abortion

Joshua Woodward, a popular Los Angeles restaurateur, was accused of poisoning his girlfriend to cause her to suffer a miscarriage. Woodward turned himself in to police and pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted murder.

Prosecutors said Woodward rubbed the drug misoprostol, which can terminate early-stage pregnancies, at least four times on his girlfriend over a two month period.

“He secretly gave the girlfriend the early-term abortion drug misoprostol three times without her knowledge, once orally and twice vaginally,” alleged prosecutors.

Woodward had searched online for ways to terminate a pregnancy, and for tips on using chloroform around the time of her miscarriage.

The former girlfriend miscarried at 13 weeks.

1) California Chef Slow-Cooks Wife For 4 Days

David Veins, a 49-year-old chef and owner of Thyme Contemporary Café in Lomita, California, confessed to police that he slow-cooked his wife, Dawn Viens, for four days in boiling water.

He told detectives that at the restaurant, he stuffed his wife’s 105-pound body in a 55-gallon drum of boiling water, slow-cooked her remains for four days, and then disposed of what was left in the restaurant’s grease pit or garbage bags.

“I manipulated her so the face was, the face is down, and I took some, some things, like weights that we use, and I put them on the top of her body, and I just slowly cooked it and I ended up cooking her for four days,” he told detectives.

He told detectives he hid his wife’s skull and jawbone for safekeeping in his mother’s attic in nearby Torrance.

David’s wife, Dawn, had apparently grown tired of their lifestyle and pleaded with her husband to move to the mountains. When this failed, Dawn began stealing money from the restaurant and when David found out he “snapped.”

“For some reason, I just got violent,” David Viens told the detectives. “Seemed like it had to deal with her stealing money.”

Dawn Viens’ disappearance remained a missing persons case until August 2010, when detectives turned over the case to the homicide unit of the sheriff’s department.

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Inquisitive foodie with a professional investigative background and strong belief in the organic farm to table movement. Author of Bad Seeds: A FriendsEAT Guide to GMO's. Buy Now!
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