Knife Safety and Tips

1x1.trans Knife Safety and TipsThis may seem like common sense stuff to most people, but for newbies getting in the kitchen, these are essential pieces of knowledge. If there’s something I have missed; or tips you have learned throughout the years, please add them in the comments. You could save someone a finger (and a lot of wasted money).

1x1.trans Knife Safety and TipsAlways cut away from yourself to minimize accidents.
Use knives for their appropriate tasks (deboning knife to debone).
Do not cut on marble, glass or metal. Always cut on a cutting board.
Use a damp towel under the cutting board. This will prevent slipping and sliding.
1x1.trans Knife Safety and TipsDull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones.
When walking with a knife, carry it pointing down, parallel to your body and near the leg.
Add the thyme and cook fro about a minute
Do not attempt to catch a knife that falls, stand back and let it drop.
1x1.trans Knife Safety and TipsDo not leave knives in the sink. It can cause a nasty accident for an unsuspecting victim and dull or dent your knife.
Wash your knives right after you use them to prevent food borne illness.
DO NOT wash your knives in a washing machine (they won’t last as long and can result in accidents).
Knive blades should not touch other knives or tools. DO NOT store them in drawers. Instead try slotted knife holders or magnetized strips.


1x1.trans Knife Safety and Tips
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1x1.trans Knife Safety and Tips