We love robots. Robots are cool. You know what’s cooler? Robots that function as helicopters that deliver tacos to you. Rumor is this service is now brought to you by Tacopter. Sadly, these guys are only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, but this seems like a perfect solution to NYC’s rush hour traffic.

1x1.trans TacoCopterHow is it supposed to work?

Download the app (which I could not find on the app store)
Order Tacos
Quadrocopter (seen in pic above) finds you via GPS with your phone’s location.

1x1.trans TacoCopterWhy the concept is so cool?

You can get tacos ANYWHERE…you no longer need to be at a legal address. I could be say running in Central Park and have my tacos delivered to the great lawn. Or maybe I could be watching Shakespeare in the Park (I’m sure the actors would love that). I so want this to be true!


1x1.trans TacoCopter
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1x1.trans TacoCopter