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1x1.trans Sushi PopperWow. I just finished reading Sushi For Dummies, and was amazed at just how much I learned. The authors have created what must be THE most complete and detailed guide to sushi available anywhere at any price — and they have done so in a highly readable way, with just the right amount of humor. If you’ve ever been curious about sushi — all the different ingredients and styles of sushi, how to make proper sushi rice (an important step in the process, which merits an entire chapter in this book), safe handling techniques, cutting and storing, history and traditions, proper sushi bar etiquette, and much, much more, then you will do no better than buying this book. Five stars!

Get the Dummies Guide to Sushi on Amazon!

1x1.trans Sushi Popper

What do Japanese Girls Like to Put in their Mouth?

Hmmm….why is it that a certain oral sexual act keeps popping into my mind. I give credit to Popper Foods LLC for putting my brain in the gutter. They have defiled sushi by sticking it into a tube and making it somehow seem perverse. It is actually a genius idea even if the product flops, surely people will buy it just for the packaging.

How does it work, well, much like a push pop. The sushi roll comes in a tube that you push from the bottom. No need for chop sticks. And the soy sauce? It’s included in the handle.

So what flavors can you get? There’s the all American “California Roll”, “Chicken Teriyaki”, “Cucumber Roll” and “Spicy Shrimp”. It will cost you $30 on Amazon, but it comes in packs of 6 which is 42 pieces of sushi and they give also have discount coupons if you order. It comes frozen in dry ice, and ice crystals cut into the meat so who knows about the quality of the fish.

Get the Dummies Guide to Sushi on Amazon!

The website suggests that this is a perfect product for ball games, vending machines,

1x1.trans Sushi Popper

Looks like good practice

airlines, convenience stores, beaches and pretty much any venue where utensils may be rare. Being a purist, I think I’ll skip on this product, but I expect to see it used in some, well..interesting movies soon. In the mean time enjoy instant gratification from salacious images we got from their website…talk about food porn.

I’d like to file this one with products such as “chicken in a can” and tur-duc-hen (which I am sad to say actually tastes pretty good).

1x1.trans Sushi Popper

Her hair matches the wasabi

1x1.trans Sushi Popper

Boys love sushi popper too

1x1.trans Sushi Popper

1x1.trans Sushi Popper
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1x1.trans Sushi Popper
1x1.trans Sushi Popper


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