How Many Restaurants Has Gordon Ramsay Saved?

Last year, chef Gordon Ramsay topped the Forbes list of The Highest Earning Chefs at $38 million.

But when it comes to aiding others in making money by helping to save their restaurant, as Ramsay is featured doing on the hit Fox show Kitchen Nightmares, some suggest Gordon Ramsay is almost a complete failure.

1x1.trans How Many Restaurants Has Gordon Ramsay Saved?
Kitchen Nightmares is the reality television series in which chef Gordon Ramsay is invited by the owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant.

According to Radar Online, during the first two seasons alone, Ramsay visited 21 different restaurants all over the country and all but two of them have closed down — equaling just a 9.5% success rate.

Radar Online News Editor Amber Ryland concedes that the restaurants featured on Ramsay’s show were already failing and a week with Ramsay is hardly long enough to save these businesses.

But Ryland argues that Ramsay’s dismal failure at recovering restaurants only illustrates what a manufactured sham the genre of reality TV is, and claims many shows have been exposed for being scripted.

Ryland notes there have been four more seasons of Ramsay helping struggling restaurants and his success rate has progressively improved.

Season 3 and Season 4 had Ramsay visiting 23 restaurants, 13 of which are now closed giving him a 43.5% success rate — an improvement of nearly 35% from the first two seasons.

Last month, Radar Online reported Chappy’s, in Nashville, Tennessee, appeared on the Fox show during Season 6 but has since closed down and owner John “Chappy” Chapman blames Chef Ramsay, who called the restaurant “bland” and Chappy “a joke,” for his failed business.

“This is a very sad day since we have worked so hard,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“We shouldn’t have done Kitchen Nightmares. We have spent several months struggling to come out of a negative situation.”

Ryland points out that Chappy’s is the only restaurant out of 12 from Season 6 that has closed so far, and Season 5 and 6 are the most successful yet, with a combined success rate of 77%.

The production company for Kitchen Nightmares, ITV Studios, issued this statement to Radar:

“Kitchen Nightmares aims to help struggling restaurants succeed. Gordon Ramsay, who holds nine Michelin stars, offers solutions in a bid to help turn failing restaurants around. Restaurant owners choose to take part in the programme to receive the benefit of Gordon’s expertise – it is always their decision as to whether they follow his advice.”

A few months ago, Ramsay walked off the set of the May 10th season-finale episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” featuring Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ramsay claimed the owners, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, were incapable of listening. Emotions got so heated on the set during filming, the police were actually called to intervene.

Amy’s ended up closing temporarily, which ignited a hailstorm on social media, where Samy and Amy continued their battle with online critics on Facebook.

1x1.trans How Many Restaurants Has Gordon Ramsay Saved?
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1x1.trans How Many Restaurants Has Gordon Ramsay Saved?
1x1.trans How Many Restaurants Has Gordon Ramsay Saved?

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