Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast Cancer

1x1.trans Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast CancerGood nutrition plays a central role in sustaining good health and preventing disease. That means eating organic foods free of GMO’s and pesticides and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Research mounts daily in support of links between natural foods and their inherent cancer fighting abilities. The antioxidant properties in red wine and chocolate are linked to the prevention cancer.

A study conducted by the Ohio State University revealed that strawberries slow the development of precancerous lesions, and drinking coffee lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

Additionally, people who drink an anti-oxidant rich beverage have a lower increase in the production of homocysteine, the hormone believed to be responsible in Alzheimer’s.

1x1.trans Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast CancerPomegranate Juice

According to Natural News, pomegranate juice has already shown cytotoxicity (of or relating to substances that are toxic to cells) to a variety of cancer cell lines in lab studies.

Moreover, pre-clinical studies on lab animals show that oral feeding of pomegranate extract inhibits the growth of lung, skin, colon and prostate tumors.

So compelling is the lab evidence that 10 clinical trials have been registered with the NIH to use pomegranate extract against cancer (nine trials on prostate cancer, one on follicular lymphoma).”

Pomegranate juice and three of its specific components have been shown to inhibit processes involved in prostate cancer metastasis.

Now according to recently published research, the components in pomegranate juice may be promising agents against breast cancer that can serve as potentially effective and nontoxic alternatives or adjuncts to the use of conventional selective estrogen receptor modulators for breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Researchers conclude that the components in pomegranate juice are inhibitory of metastatic processes in breast cancer cells in addition to prostate cancer cells and indicate that they are potentially a very effective treatment to prevent cancer progression in general.

Researchers at the University of California Riverside applied two different concentrations of pomegranate juice to breast cancer cell lines as well as to healthy cells.

Ethan Evers, author of the award-winning medical thriller “The Eden Prescription,” summarized the results for Natural News:

“One percent juice completely stopped cancer cell growth in both cancer cell lines, while five percent juice stopped growth and also killed significant portions of the cancer cells.

“More importantly, even the one percent juice stimulated the expression of genes that suppressed the metastatic process in several ways. First, cancer cell adhesion was significantly increased, which is important in keeping the cancer cells clumped together so they don’t invade neighboring tissues.

“Second, the ability of the cancer cells to migrate was significantly suppressed. Third, the chemical attraction of the cancer cells towards bones (chemotaxis to SDF1-alpha) was markedly decreased (thereby inhibiting bone metastases). Most impressive of all was that none of these effects were seen on the normal breast cells.”

1x1.trans Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast Cancer
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1x1.trans Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast Cancer
1x1.trans Pomegranate Juice Inhibits Growth of Breast Cancer

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