Summer Recipes: Andrea Correale’s Strawberry Moji-tea

Mere mortals may not enjoy the perks that celebs like Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump,  Padma Lakshmi, Liam Neeson, and Russell Simmons. But thanks to Andrea Correale, caterer to the stars, you can now drink like one.

1x1.trans Summer Recipes: Andrea Correales Strawberry Moji teaAndrea shared her Strawberry Moji-tea recipe. We liked it because it is fruity without being sweet and because it packs a bit of heat. Can you handle it? There’s only one way to find out.


4 oz. Tea & Honey Strawberry Acai Tea
1 oz Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila


1. Muddle mint and strawberries in a shaker.
2. Add the Lipton Tea & Honey Iced Tea, tequila and ice in a shaker
3. Strain into a glass.
4. Top with Prosecco and serve.

If you should decide you want to live, dine, and drink like a superstar, check out Elegant Affairs.

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