Sponge Cake Day

1x1.trans Sponge Cake Day It absorbs every little smile that comes out in each bite. The Sponge Cake Day makes a notable foodie holiday for everyone who lives to have a piece of it.

Sponge cake is cake that you get from the mixture of an egg foam along with other ingredients. It is what gives the sponge cake its foamy and spongy appearance. Often made with flour, sugar and eggs incorporated with lots of air, blended properly and proportionately, create the natural lift on the sponge cake. Baking powder is rarely used for a nice lift since the air provides some good natural leavening for the cake. Sponge cakes are made into lots of varieties, evidenced by its popularity in an international setting. Each country, culture, and region, make their own sponge cake varieties, just the way they want it. This is probably the reason why it is considered a cake for all seasons. You can serve it with fillings, or icing, or topping, or just as a plain sponge cake. The flavors also come in lots of varieties. It would truly be an honor to make a sponge cake especially on its special day. Sponge Cake Day is coming this August 23. Prepare your baking materials and oven for a wonderful day of cake making.

1x1.trans Sponge Cake Day Glorious Sponge Cake. Make some traditional sponge cake for your family while giving it a really good lemon flavor. This sponge cake recipe makes a glorious dessert for everyone. You can serve it as it is, sprinkle some confectioner’s sugar on top, or add some toppings if you want to. Nothing beats an old fashioned sponge cake recipe, especially on Sponge Cake Day.

1x1.trans Sponge Cake Day Sponge Cake With Berry Toppings. Summertime is about to end, but there are still lots of reasons to use some of summer fruits available in the market. The orange-flavored sponge cake is topped with some sour cream and blueberry goodness. This creates a sweet finish on your palate. If you want some other berries on it, you can use strawberries instead. This is a fun and fruity way to celebrate the Sponge Cake Day.

1x1.trans Sponge Cake Day Strawberry and Vanilla Cream Sponge. This makes a really creamy and very sweet sponge cake for you and your family. The sponge cake is filled and topped with vanilla cream and strawberry jam. You can make it with lesser sugar to control its very sweet flavors. Sponge cakes make a great base for creamy textures. Spread some more vanilla cream on the top and you’re done. You can also opt to add some fresh strawberries on top or anything you want to have.

1x1.trans Sponge Cake Day Chocolate Sponge Cake with Strawberry Whipped Cream Filling. This sponge cake recipe must have been sent to earth from the heavens. The decadence of the chocolate makes a good sponge cake flavor, not to mention the strawberry filled layers that add some creaminess into the dessert. You can make some chocolate ganache and spruce up the cake with fresh strawberry on top to make this dessert a little more elegant.

Sad that we cannot put to words all sponge cake recipes that everyone had to share. Every piece of it is just priceless. Enjoy a slice of this fun-filled dessert that would satisfy your gastronomic cravings. August 23 is Sponge Cake Day, one great reason to have a piece.

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