Southern Hospitality Review

1x1.trans Southern Hospitality ReviewWith five days of jet lag after the trip to the Philippines, cooking has not been in my repertoire. This week has been all about delivery and going out. Today it was hells kitchen. I left the house with no place in mind and found myself in front of Southern Hospitality. I had been to Brother Jimmy’s in the past (left disappointed). So far my favorite by far was Dinosaur BBQ. It was time to see where SH would fit in. I seemed to remember that Justin Timberlake had something to do with the place, so I figured…why not. We walked in and were seated promptly by a very friendly hostess. Had a bit of trouble getting to my seat. The tables are very close together and I had to go on my tippy toes so that I could squeeze through the tables to my seat. We ordered a bottle of Poesia Torrontes, I really enjoyed it. Some Torrontes tend to have a soapy quality, this one did not. It was not overly complex, but very tasty. It was just my speed for the day. Kudos for having one of my favorite varietals on the list.

1x1.trans Southern Hospitality ReviewI guess we were feeling saucy, because we decided to order the Over the Top Combo Platter ($49.95). It comes with wet and dry Memphis style spareribs, baby back ribs, and 1/2 a BBQ Chicken with four sides and Cornbread. For the sides we chose tater tots, collard greens, mashed potatoes and the black eyed pea salad (no Fergie included).  The menu also states that if you finish the entire thing, you get your picture on the wall of fame. Needless to say, I did not make it on the wall. Let’s just say that you will not leave this place hungry. The platter could have easily fed eight of me. I went home with plenty of leftovers. I liked the wet ribs best. These were delicious. The dry ribs were…meh. The chicken was juicy and properly cooked. Tasty, but not amazing (Antonio disagreed).

1x1.trans Southern Hospitality ReviewThe tater tots immediately brought me back to public school in Queens. P.S. 102 to be exact. How I loved Fridays, tater tot day. With the first bite I was a little girl again. The tots were crunchy and crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Best part, not greasy at all. At that moment I was wishing for a little cup of melted cheese (Philly Cheesesteak Cheese) to dip my tots in. All my health and weight concerns went out the window with each little bite.

1x1.trans Southern Hospitality ReviewThen I decided to try out the mashed potatoes. These were topped with white gravy. These were damned good mashed potatoes which suddenly became a dip for my tots. I was beginning to see this place would be dangerous for me.

1x1.trans Southern Hospitality ReviewThe warm black eyed pea salad was nice. I am sure it was unhealthy, but I felt immediately better knowing I was eating beans. There was a slight acidity to them (vinegar) that made them pop. The collard greens, I did not touch. Frankly, I just was not in the mood for the bitterness.

1x1.trans Southern Hospitality ReviewWhile I really enjoyed the sides, I only truly fell in love with the wet ribs. I would go back to Southern Hospitality; especially since I have one more thing to try: macaroni and cheese. The service was friendly, effective and not overbearing. The food tasty and the tots…I’m still dreaming about them. The bill came out to $83 (plus tip). Not bad for two in NYC with wine and leftovers. Almost forgot…what does JT have to do with the restaurant? Not quite sure. The website says he is a creator. Either way, he is a cutie and the tots brought sexy back.


1x1.trans Southern Hospitality Review
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1x1.trans Southern Hospitality Review