Eggs Sous Vide

Most of you already know that I am completely in love with my Sous Vide Supreme. My love for the “Sous Vide” method started with my first meal at Per Se. I’ve become mildly obsessed with the technique. This past weekend I experimented with eggs (just to specify, I used chicken eggs…duck will have to wait for another weekend).1x1.trans Eggs Sous Vide

“Boiled” Eggs Sous Vide: Out of the two preparations that I tried this weekend, this was the winner. The eggs came out perfect. The yolk was silky, semi solid and absolutely gorgeous. Besides, preparation was super easy.

1x1.trans Eggs Sous VideI just set the sous vide to 144.5 Fahrenheit (62.5 Celsius).

When the machine reached the temperature, I gently lowered them into the machine.

Basically, the only work I did was set the timer for 1 (one) hour and peel the top to get the egg out.

This preparation was a win.

1x1.trans Eggs Sous Vide“Scrambled” Eggs Sous Vide: Maybe I was feeling a bit overconfident at the previous day’s success.  Here’s the 411:

3 large chicken eggs (I only buy humane eggs from my local farmer)

1 tbsp salted butter (room temperature)

1 tbsp half and half

Salt & Pepper

Sprinkle of grated Parmesan

I started off by scrambling the eggs, half and half & salt and pepper. I set the machine to 167 Fahrenheit (75 Celsius).

1x1.trans Eggs Sous VideI folded the top of the bag (to prevent any food particles from touching it – this will make sealing easier – but not easy). I filled the bag with the egg mixture and the tbsp of butter.

Then I sealed the bag. If you let the bag dangle off the side of the counter; you will lose less of the liquid.

After I cleaned up the mess I made sealing the bag, I lowered it into the water bath and set the timer for 10 minutes.

1x1.trans Eggs Sous VideWhen the timer beeped, I removed the bag and crumpled it around a bit to “scramble” the eggs. They were beginning to look like an oddly shaped omelet.

I put them back in for another 5 minutes (I like my eggs a bit runny).


The results were nice. The eggs were tasty, fluffy and buttery. They looked a bit weird since my bags have ridges (which you could see in the eggs). My final thoughts…these are way too much trouble. The mess and the trouble sealing the bag are not worth it…then again, I am thinking of trying this out again this weekend with some truffle butter, so I guess I must have liked them more than I thought.

1x1.trans Eggs Sous Vide
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1x1.trans Eggs Sous Vide