Soul Food in the House

1x1.trans Soul Food in the House

If we got soul, our music got soul, so does our food. It is a definition of a culture. Now, it’s a definition of a decade.

Soul foods are basically traditional cuisines or dishes that are native to African-Americans. Soul was used to define their culture and traditions. This is a popular kind of cuisine especially in the Southern part of America. The Europeans were actually the ones who brought in the Africans to America with their slave trade. They introduced their native products to the African slaves where the people have added the use of these products to their cooking. It was through the African slaves who were traded in America that the soul food reached the Southern region. They brought with them their style of cooking and native ingredients to the South. Soul food was the main dish prepared and eaten by African slaves. The Southern Americans then also learned how to adapt to the African style of cooking. This paved the way for the fame of soul food in the United States.

1x1.trans Soul Food in the House

The basic thought on a soul food is the use of native and locally available ingredients and the traditional way of cooking – their soul is their culture, their native brand, and this soul should also be evident in their culinary practices. Now, more and more chefs and restaurateurs are venturing into soul foods and soul food restaurants. They are trying to introduce the culinary culture that has been steadily around for decades but seemed to be unnoticeable. This generation is like the rebirth of soul foods, not only in Southern America, but in all regions of the continent as well. With the growing understanding and love for native soul foods, no wonder it’s gaining  international fame in the food world.

One of the so-called “Queen” of souls (food) and Creole cooking is master and celebrity chef, Leah Chase. Her restaurant, Dooky Chase (owned by his husband Dooky Chase’s II family) is one of the soul restaurants that is gaining an overwhelming response from foodies. Dooky Chase in New Orleans is like a home for the history books filled with great ambiance, fantastic dishes, and of course its rather 90’s upscale interiors. This Southern Soul Restaurant is something that Chef Leah is proud of. The food joint sensibly defines the family’s history and culture. Nothing but praises for this soulful restaurant in New Orleans.

1x1.trans Soul Food in the HouseThere’s another rising soul food joint in town, and it got our summer staples. Soul Dog in Los Angeles serves our favorite hot-dogs with a healthier twist by adding more greens into our sandwiches and offering vegetarian sausages for the vegans. They also serve the soul staple, fried chicken with a wide range of homey treats that are made from natural ingredients possible. They are also up for keeping their dishes light and simple. Experience a slow soulful meal at Soul Dog.

There are lots of other soul food joints that are on the rise today. Some may find it hard to maintain the kind of soul that people are looking for, but most have been consistently providing the soulful treats to the hungry foodies. In betweenthe crowd of growing international cooking styles, soul food is still knocking on our hungry tummies, slowly but surely.

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