Something to Think about on Stick Day

caramel apple picture Something to Think about on Stick DayHilarity is man’s nature. Wherever you go, you can see humorous depictions of everyday life. Actually, if you look hard enough, every day is a humorous day. Even food is not immune to that.

Chicken Skewers Picture Something to Think about on Stick Day

Just take for example today’s special holiday: “Something on a Stick Day”. This is a special day to celebrate food that is served with a stick. Yes, any kind of stick. From scores of s’mores roasting on a campfire to those small cubes of cheese served as appetizers, sticks have always been used for food. Think about it, you can’t call barbecue a real barbecue if the meat is not skewered on a stick. You’ll need toothpicks to pick up those small pieces of wieners during that cocktail party.

Dango Picture Something to Think about on Stick DayIt is a silly idea, but it sure packs the levity we need to help us get through the day. Too bad there is no clear creator of this idea, nor is there any clear explanation why we are celebrating it every 28th of March. Still, you cannot deny that today is a day of fun.

Corn Dog Something to Think about on Stick DaySo go ahead, celebrate the occasion. Cook up some delicious dishes on stick. People love those kinds of stuff. You can cook shish kebab, s’mores, corn dogs, cheese, bacon and fries, etc. They are easy to make, and they can be served on sticks.


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