Shake Shack Opens in Dupont Circle

shakeburger Shake Shack Opens in Dupont CircleThere is a new dining place in town. And it sure looks like it will be a hit.

The recipient of the “Best Burger” award of 2005, Shake Shack has continuously evolved to provide the best meals and service for diners. With the opening of a new branch in Dupont Circle, one can expect the store to do even more.

While the past Shake Shacks are dining places that cater to the touch-and-go crowds, the Dupont Circle place was created to be more of a hang-out area. Wide-screen televisions, plush chairs, and excellent music all invite customers to stop by and stay for a meal. Given the “neighborhood” feel of the place, this might actually click with customers.

shake Shake Shack Opens in Dupont CircleThe menu will just be like the menu of other Shake Shack branches, with some mild tweaks to match the place. An example of their menu would be half-size frozen custard concretes, recipes like the Majority Whip and the National Monu-Mint, and two kinds of wines from the Frog’s Leap Winery that is exclusively blended for Shake Shack.

From the way things look, this might be a good place to hang out during the day. After all, Shake Shack is one of the best restaurants for a quick bite of mouth-watering burgers and great beer.

1x1.trans Shake Shack Opens in Dupont Circle

Marlon Mata

1x1.trans Shake Shack Opens in Dupont Circle

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