Salt: The Ultimate Flavoring

1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate FlavoringIf you are asked about your favorite food flavoring, I’m sure that you’d be thinking of cheese, bacon, vanilla, tomato sauce, and other stuff. Now, the list may go on and on, but you shouldn’t forget one seasoning that must never be missing: salt.

Yes, salt. There’s a world of flavors and textures that are enhanced when you sprinkle these grains on any dish that you prepare.

Of course, it’s only understandable that some parties are howling mad over it. As I have mentioned in my previous article, there has been a movement in the US regarding the reduction of salt in food. Some people are saying that salt is bad for our health, that it can lead to high-blood pressure, kidney stones, and other health problems.

While these parties do have a point in what they’re saying, the fact remains that salt is one of the oldest, and most influential, seasoning since old times. Men would gladly sell their daughters just to get a few pounds of salt. Salt is also used as a form of currency as well. In fact, the word salary (which we all expect to get at the end of this month), comes from the Latin salarium or salt. That’s what Roman soldiers get for their pay, and they’re more than happy to get it.

1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate FlavoringThe reason why salt has gotten a very bad reputation these days is because of the way companies, and some restaurants, have used it in their foods. More often than not, they become too generous in pouring salt into the meal. This is especially true in prepackaged meals. You can’t imagine the amount of salt that is actually put in there. I’m sure that you’d be sweaty if find that out.

Salt in itself is not bad for the health. As long as you only add salt sparingly, and only to enhance flavor, then it shouldn’t be problem at all. There is a certain technique to it in order to make this work. Some salt should not be used during cooking. Some should be used sparingly. There are also some that are put ideally before serving the dish. Knowing how to do this can be an art form by itself. There are so many salt varieties to choose from. Each one is as unique as the other, and all these have a specific use.

Here’s a list of some salt that you might encounter:

1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate Flavoring1. Table salt – it can either be plain or iodized, but both have the same function: add flavor to a dish that may seem tasteless. Just take note that because of its finer grain, more salt particles can get to your food. If a dish calls for one teaspoon of coarse salt, then use half-teaspoon of table salt as substitute.
1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate Flavoring2. Maldon salt – with its flaky and thin surface, this type of salt can be ideally used for baking as a form of garnish. Just use it sparingly, since this is still salt. But it does have a good flavor to add to baked dishes that could enhance the flavor. You should give it a try.
1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate Flavoring3. Fleur de sel – this type of granular salt has a slightly moist feel to it that makes it a wonderful addition to the food you prepare. It adds a unique flavor to dishes and not only that it also makes an excellent enhancer to food that would surely fit your preference.
1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate Flavoring4. Molokai red salt – coming from the volcanic islands of Hawaii, this slightly-reddish salt is excellent in adding a fancy finish to dishes. It can add color to your meals as well. So if you are looking for something unique that can enhance the taste of your food, you should try this.
1x1.trans Salt: The Ultimate Flavoring5. Kosher salt – this is what you might consider as a purer type of salt. It has no additives whatsoever, so if you want pure salty goodness, then you might want to give this a try. It can pretty much work with any kind of dish.

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