Royal Family is Preparing Royal Wines

1x1.trans Royal Family is Preparing Royal WinesGood news: English wines are getting a royal boost.

The English Royal family plans to plant 16,700 vines around a section of Windsor Great Park. The grapes to be planted there are of the champagne varieties (chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier). The aim of this attempt is to produce good English sparkling wines grown from a part of the Crown Estate.

1x1.trans Royal Family is Preparing Royal WinesWith Prince William, now Duke of Edinburgh, closely involved in this project, many wine makers in the country are excited by this news. English wines have been working steadily to create their own mark in the viticulture scene, and there has been a recent fascination with the English bubbly to merit investment. The news that the Royal Family also wishes to join the planting is probably the biggest boost the industry can ever get.

“There’s been a lot of investment in sparkling wine particularly,” Trustram Eve of English Wine Producers told The Telegraph, “People have really embraced it – and they’ve been planting a lot of chardonnay and pinot noir to make that. In 2009 roughly half of the total grape production was intended for sparkling wine of one kind or another.

1x1.trans Royal Family is Preparing Royal WinesStill, it will be some time before anyone can get a taste of Windsor’s wine. It takes about three years before champagne is produced in this region. Still, it is worth the wait. The estate has a good soil and excellent weather conditions. One can expect that very good wines will be produced.

Besides, the time is long enough for Prince Harry to get a taste of Royal wine (in case he fancies getting married himself).

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