Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett

1x1.trans Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett

Get the balanced flavors of acidity and sweetness with a Riesling classification known as the Kabinett.

The Kabinett style is achieved through Riesling grapes, which are harvested early in the season, just in time that the grape ripens. It is somehow described as the German version of the Reserve (wine term). It is also said that the best wines of Abbey during that time were kept in a Cabinet type of cellar or Cabinet-Keller which was made in 1245. Before, a grape varietal was named Kabinett or Cabinet and used to make other varieties of wine. Now, it works as a Riesling classification under the German law.

1x1.trans Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous KabinettIt became an official part of the German law for wines in 1971, referring to light wines which are without undergoing chaptalization. Since Kabinett was under this law, standards have been set to be able to distinguish this class from other Riesling styles, of which differentiates from one another. Standards include the wine maintaining a density ranging from 67 to 82 degrees according to its variety and wine region and should not undergo any process of chaptalization where its natural features will be altered.

Being a natural charmer, Kabinett wines are low in alcohol content regardless of the region where the grapes are grown alongside the variety of the grape used, but still, it only contains less than 15% of alcohol content, depending on the blended varietal. It is known for having high levels of acidity which balances its sweet flavors. It is the lightest of all the Riesling wines of which are made a little dry. Because of its young charisma, wines made from Riesling of this classification can be paired with an array of foods on your table. It’s popular with seafoods such as shellfish and sushi and Thailand native foods.

1x1.trans Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett

Kabinett is beautiful in itself which is attributed to its ability to produce dry wine styles. It is considered a rare gem in the U.S. as only limited Kabinett wines are available. Wines from this category are found by many wine critics as one of the best wines to have during springtime. Mosel Kabinetts is crisp, giving you a little refreshing feeling of spring after a cold, red wine winter season. Some Kabinetts nowadays have additional sweetness while being fermented, but not everyone appreciates the kind of sweetness it brings with its natural classy features. Wine makers are making wines depending on what the demand is, but sometimes, it can overshadow the original flavors of Kabinetts, which are known to be less sweet and with fresh acidity.

Whether you like your wines to be dry or off dry, Kabinetts definitely has something to offer you, wine lovers. It’s not about the age of the grape, it’s about quality which is distinct in every grape variety. Kabinett may confuse wine lovers, but hopefully lead them towards loving the style because not all dry wines are dry in quality.

1x1.trans Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett
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1x1.trans Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett
1x1.trans Riesling Style: Light And Gorgeous Kabinett

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