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1x1.trans Todd Englishs Ca VaI have been a fan of Todd English since the day I tried his food at English is Italian. When I heard the restaurant closed, I was slightly heartbroken. I had been meaning to go to CAVA for a long time (it’s Ça Va as in what’s up in French – not Cava as in the place where you store wine). I finally dropped by. Antonio and I walked into Ça Va for lunch. The place was not empty and not full. The decor is definitely NY Modern. I was liking the place already. Our host asked if we preferred a booth or a table. That day, I knew it was a day for a booth.  Our server, Danny introduced himself and very politely asked us if we’d like sparkling or tap (he was great). We chose NYC water and proceeded to peruse the menu.

1x1.trans Todd Englishs Ca VaI was in trouble. I wanted everything on the menu. I suddenly noticed that Ça Va was offering a restaurant week menu. I have noticed that most NY restaurants are keeping their restaurant week offerings way after the event (like the whole year). I don’t really have a problem with this, but I do find it a bit odd. The “restaurant week” menu was somewhere around $24 for 2 courses plus dessert. I knew what I would be going with. Antonio ordered a burger. When it arrived, it was colossal. The size did not take away from the quality of the dish. The beef was ground prime sirloin topped with caramelized onions, tomato, and lettuce ($17).  The fries that accompanied the dish were just “meh”, we barely touched them.

1x1.trans Todd Englishs Ca VaMy appetizer was a gorgeous cauliflower soup it came with sultanas, pine nuts and a nut berry foam. It was rich and creamy deliciousness. The sultanas (a type of raisin) added a gorgeous interest to the dish. The pine nuts brought in texture and the warm bread that was set at the table was the perfect conductor for the nectar at the bottom of the plate.

1x1.trans Todd Englishs Ca VaNext came the chicken thighs, grandmother style which were chaperoned by fingerlings, bacon, pearl onions and mushrooms.  The chicken was juicy, the skin was fatty without being repulsive. The fingerlings were comforting. The pearl onions were sweet. I had to fight myself to leave some on the plate.

1x1.trans Todd Englishs Ca VaFinally it was time for dessert. Antonio had told Danny he would skip dessert, but when my warm apple galette arrived, so did a creme brulee (classy touch – other restaurants should take notes).  The galette was made up of vanilla glazed apples with a scoop of buttermilk ice cream. Tart, creamy, sweet – everything I expected and wanted. Antonio (who is no fan of dessert) raved about the creme brulee.

1x1.trans Todd Englishs Ca VaAlmost forgot. Another nice thing about the restaurant is the wine list. We expected some pretty ostentatious choices, but were greeted with very well priced, very tasty wines. Overall, we loved Ça Va and we are looking forward to our next visit.

Ca Va is located at 310 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 (212) 803-4545

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