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1x1.trans Review Sweet RevengeThe first time I met Marlo Scott was when she had just left her corporate job to pursue the dream many people have: to open her own business. In her case it was a cupcake and wine bar. Marlo has not only survived the insanity that is the restaurant industry but risen above it. I had breakfast with Marlo this week at Sweet Revenge to taste her new breakfast offering and I could see why she is successful. She is as sweet as the first time I met her and the food was spectacular.

1x1.trans Review Sweet RevengeAs we chatted about life and business we munched on Scotch Eggs ($11.95). I fell in love. Hard boiled eggs wrapped in chicken sausage in a panko crust. This was sinful, decadent. With each bite the nasty thought of hitting the gym tried to creep in my brain; but the idea was quickly rebuffed by my taste buds. The chicken sausage made this dish. It had a slight pate en croute feel.

1x1.trans Review Sweet RevengeThe panko was a festival of texture with no hint of greasiness. I almost forgot to mention the potatoes. They were aromatic; redolent of thyme in the most elegant way. (And when I got the leftovers home, this dish maintained its deliciousness).

1x1.trans Review Sweet RevengeI have to admit that ever since I started reviewing food, I very rarely eat dessert. This job is precarious to the waistline. I am constantly eating rich foods, so I often skip dessert. Thankfully for me, Marlo has disguised a red velvet cupcake in a waffle. It was light, not overly sweet and came with the most delicious whipped cream cheese (and you all know how I love whipped cheeses). The fruit on the side looked pretty…but to be frank, the waffles took all the attention. I’m going back this week to try the Mexican Vanilla ($11.95).

1x1.trans Review Sweet RevengeNext came the egg sandwich da Sorrentine ($7.95). This was a lovely dish and a much healthier alternative to your regular eggs benedict. The poached eggs sat on a toasted english muffin, elegant ham, a stunning sundried tomato & basil pesto, sharp cheddar and fresh basil. The flavors worked perfectly together.

1x1.trans Review Sweet RevengeDon’t worry, I am almost done. Marlo would not let me leave without trying her granola praline ($9.50). I immediately asked her if she sold that by the bag. The mix is oats, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and coconut (which added great flavor). These are baked with salt and brown maple sugar. The result is outstanding. I kept thinking how good it would go on ice cream.

I managed to leave through the door (I was thinking they may need to cut a bigger hole by the time I left). As far as I am concerned, this is a must go to breakfast place in NYC. Sweet Revenge is not just for cupcakes and wine any more.

Highly Recommended

Sweet Revenge is located at 62 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 242-2240

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