Soup’s on at Menchanko-Tei

1x1.trans Soups on at Menchanko TeiWhile Menchanko-Tei is not my favorite noodle house in NYC, it does make for a nice choice when you are craving a steaming, comforting cup of soup. If you are getting a cold, skip the restaurant, but have them deliver (after all you don’t want to get everyone sick). I frequent the 55th Street location and have not made my way to their location on East 45th.

1x1.trans Soups on at Menchanko TeiWe started off our meal with the Tori Karaage: small pieces of chicken breaded and fried. The chicken was juicy and tender on the inside. The breading had a pleasant flavor, not too oily. It was an enjoyable dish ($5). Ate a few pieces before reminding myself to hold off for the main course. Portions are in no way skimpy at this place; especially when we’re talking about their noodle soups. These alone can feed me for about three days.

1x1.trans Soups on at Menchanko TeiThis is what was left of the ramen I chose at Menchanko-Tei. I was defeated (until I got home and dove into the leftovers). It was the Hakata Ramen: thin ramen noodles in a pork broth dressed with simmered pork slices, black mushrooms, red ginger, and scallions. At first I thought the pork was going to be dry, but I was gladly mistaken. This soup was not as salty as some others on the menu. Best part, it only cost $10. At that price, I’d say this place is a win.

Menchanko-Tei is located at 43 West 55th Street, New York, NY (212) 247-1585

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1x1.trans Soups on at Menchanko Tei
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1x1.trans Soups on at Menchanko Tei