Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To Brooklyn

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynI was recently invited to try out Hill Cafe (a French restaurant) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  I took this invitation as an excuse to leave the island and catch up with an old friend, Cigall of Mazelmoments. Getting to the restaurant was an adventure. I had the smart idea to bring along Game of Thrones for “light reading”. I missed my stop, had to turn around…make transfers. Thankfully, the trip was worth it. Hill Cafe’s Chef Samuel Beket was warm, welcoming, and had some amazing dishes (his beef Bourguignon was the highlight of the evening).

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynAfter my adventure, I was in need of a good cocktail. Hill Cafe’s bartender served me his version of a gimlet. I am not usually a fan of gin, but this was an incredibly well made cocktail. Delish!

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynWe started off with the Ruby salad: beet, apple, onion and cabbage with a goat cheese crostoni ($8). The flavors were spot on, the dish was technically a bit difficult to eat. The shredded items were a bit hard to pick up. I may not order this if I was on a date, but for a day with a friend it was perfect.

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynI think the restaurant knew how to get to my heart. The next thing to come out were oysters (my favorite thing in the world). The restaurant does dollar oysters for 3 hours. This alone is worth the trip to Brooklyn.

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynAs if this crustacean feast was not enough, mussels were also served ($8). They came in a lovely white wine sauce and with a side of bread to scoop up the delicious broth. Only thing that would have made them better is some homemade pasta (an excuse to eat more of the sauce)…but that’s just me being greedy.

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynThe beef Bourguignon was ridiculous ($17). I kept telling Cigall how full I was, but when this dish came out I somehow managed to create room to eat it. It was everything I want on a day when I feel depressed. It was savory, comforting, and luxurious. It was accompanied by silky, delicious mashed potatoes that were simply divine when dipped into the Bourguignon sauce.

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To BrooklynThis is when the”poulet roti a la Gaufre” aka “chicken and waffles” came out 9$15). I think I may schedule a trip back to Hill Cafe to get this within the next couple of weeks.  I make a mean roasted chicken…and therefore have high standards. This bird was juicy on the inside, had crispy, light skin, and was redolent of apples. Combined with the waffles this made for the ultimate sin.

I think that these meals may be the reason why Facebook keeps serving me gout ads (seriously disturbing I tell you).


Hill Cafe is located at 17 Putnam Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (718) 230-3471

1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To Brooklyn
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1x1.trans Hill Cafe: Worth The Trip To Brooklyn


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