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Antonio and I kept hearing the hype about Fonda Nolita everywhere, so we finally broke down and decided to go this weekend. It was a frigid and windy day. By the time we got there my appetite was roaring.

The place is very hip, very Brooklyn. You walk into what used to be a garage, revamped into a sort of upscale taco truck yard. A very friendly young lady approached us and explained that the place was cash only. She then proceeded to explain the ordering process while Antonio hit up an ATM.

1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYC

She explained that there were two locations where you pick up your food. Hungry patrons are to check out the boards by either the VW bus or the back kitchen, decide how many items they want and pay for them at the register. At the register, one is given tickets (all items cost the same amount) and then you simply walk to either the bus or back kitchen place an order, hand in your tickets and wait for your food. I was already starting to think twice about this visit.

When Antonio arrived, I proceeded to explain the process. We purchased 6 tickets. I took two and headed towards the back kitchen where they had fish tacos and Antonio headed to the VW van to order some miscellaneous items.

On a good note, I could see the gentlemen in the kitchen prepping my items. They were ready within a reasonable amount of time. I grabbed my items and headed to meet Antonio.

1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYCI was excited, I had a pretty bad fish taco at Oceana the day before and I was jonesing for the real thing. I anxiously bit into my taco to be seriously disappointed. It was flavorless, utterly bland. I saw myself heading to Jersey City, hitting up Taqueria (where the service stinks but the fish tacos seriously deliver) or maybe going to Barmarche where the fish tacos are always good. I crossed my fingers hoping the rest of the food was better.

1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYCI took a bite of Antonio’s breakfast taco (Mexican style), this was significantly better; not the best breakfast taco I ever had, but good enough. The rest of the tacos were fine, but nothing out of this world.

1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYCWhile I loved the vibe and decor of Fonda Nolita, I felt the food was just ok. I must mention that the food here is quite affordable, I believe it was something like $3,50 per item. The staff is friendly, the place is super clean and the food was fine; just not amazing. I am not sure if I will return, but something tells me I won’t.

Fonda Nolita is located at 267 Elizabeth St., New York, NY 10012 917-727-0179

1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYC
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1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYC
1x1.trans Fonda Nolita NYC

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