Rethink That Third Drink (Infographic)

Rethink That Third Drink Infographic Rethink That Third Drink (Infographic)A night out can quickly go from lighthearted fun to disaster when drinking and driving is involved. Alcohol-related car accidents and DUIs can cause your good night to come to a screeching halt and have you paying for the consequences for years to come.

If you have ever wondered “What’s the worst that could happen?” when you are thinking of picking up the keys after a few drinks, take a look at this infographic detailing the harsh consequences of drinking and driving. You might not realize the significant impact that drunk driving has on American lives, but there are about 13,000 fatalities each year from alcohol related car accidents.

Save your money, your grief, and maybe even your life by sharing this infographic with your friends and family. These sobering statistics illustrate why you should call a cab to get home safely next time you indulge.Rethink That Third Drink Infographic Rethink That Third Drink (Infographic)
Source: LAYellowCab


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