Restaurateur Accused of Poisoning Girlfriend to Force Abortion

1x1.trans Restaurateur Accused of Poisoning Girlfriend to Force AbortionLast month, several news agencies reported that Joshua Woodward, a popular Los Angeles restaurateur, was accused of poisoning his girlfriend to cause her to suffer a miscarriage.

The 40-year-old investor in Table 8 in Los Angeles and Miami turned himself in to police and pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted murder. Woodward is being held on $4 million bail.

Prosecutors said Woodward rubbed the drug misoprostol, which can terminate early-stage pregnancies, at least four times on his then-girlfriend in September and October 2009.

“He secretly gave the girlfriend the early-term abortion drug misoprostol three times without her knowledge, once orally and twice vaginally,” alleged prosecutors.

The former girlfriend, 42, miscarried at 13 weeks. The New York Daily News reports the woman told police Woodward didn’t want the baby from the moment he learned of the pregnancy and immediately asked her to get an abortion.

He became clearly upset when she told him she wanted to keep the baby, leading to a “bitter” breakup, the affidavit states.

A search warrant affidavit obtained by the Daily News states that after Woodward allegedly dipped his hand into a backpack during a sexual encounter at her Los Angeles residence, he applied the drug without her consent.

The New York Daily News adds that hours after an encounter on Oct. 18, the girlfriend felt severe cramping and miscarried the fetus, according to the affidavit.

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She later realized a white powdery substance she noticed in her underwear might be connected to the incident and contacted police. Authorities identified the substance as misoprostol.

In 2009, police instructed the girlfriend to keep the loss of the fetus a secret and invite Woodward back over.

A week after the miscarriage, police arrested Woodward outside the girlfriend’s apartment after he allegedly pulled a plastic patch of cellophane out of his pocket.

“With his right hand he pulled out a small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance from his right front pocket and started grinding the item on his pants just below the pocket,” a Los Angeles Police detective wrote in the 2009 court paperwork.

Woodward searched online for ways to terminate a pregnancy and tips on using chloroform around the time of her miscarriage, prosecutors claim.

Joshua Woodward conducted the searches in late 2009 after he unsuccessfully “begged” the girlfriend to have an abortion, authorities said.

In late August 2009, Woodward typed into his Internet search engine the following phrases: “ways men have forced abortions,” “drugs that induce miscariages (sic),” and “evil ways to terminate a pregnancy.”

CBS news reports Woodward’s attorney claims his client is innocent. “Joshua had nothing to do with the loss of his girlfriend’s baby. And the evidence marshaled against him is weak and speculative.”

1x1.trans Restaurateur Accused of Poisoning Girlfriend to Force Abortion
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1x1.trans Restaurateur Accused of Poisoning Girlfriend to Force Abortion