Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?

1x1.trans Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?Let’s face it. New Yorkers are busy. After a full week of work, who wants to spend all day chopping potatoes to make latkes and cooking for the family. If you don’t feel like celebrating at home (and cleaning up after), there are plenty of restaurants that will do the work for you. Besides, the family tends to behave better when they are out…right?

1x1.trans Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?92Y in TribecaAs they stated on their site beer + latkes = genius. That’s an equation I can live by. Rabbi Dan Ain and Jewish Life Intern Allison Tick host this evening of beer tasting, latke sampling, candle lighting and dreidel spinning. Dan Moss (graduate of American Brewer’s Guild and formerly of Brooklyn Brewery) will present delicious beer pairings to compliment 92YTribeca head chef Russell Moss’s latke creations.

1x1.trans Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?Great Performances: Brooklyn Academy of Music will be hosting its 4th annual Laktke competition. Tickets cost $55 and include food, beer, and wine. Competing restaurants include A Voce, Blue Ribbon, Fatty Cue, and Mae Mae Cafe among many others. I may not be Jewish, but I love me some latkes – who wants to take me?

1x1.trans Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?Paola’s Restaurant: 1295 Madison Avenue (UES) - Chef Paola Bottero will be featuring her Carciofi alla Giudea (Artichokes Jewish Style), a recipe from the Jewish Quarter in Rome. The baby artichokes are “fried in oil” to adhere to the dictates of the Hanukah Holiday. The Carciofi alla Giudea will be available throughout December for lunch and dinner as an appetizer and are served 3 on a plate for $16.

1x1.trans Hungry for Hanukkah NYC?The Prime Grill60 East 49th Street – Midtown East – New York City’s most well known Kosher Steakhouse will be offering 5 latkes with chopped liver and onions for $22.


Hanukkah takes place from December 8-16, 2012

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