Response from Land O’ Lakes on Reports of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Contamination

1x1.trans Response from Land O Lakes on Reports of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Contamination Late last year Spence Cooper reported on findings by the University of Texas School of Public Health in Dallas that there were high levels of one type of PBDE flame-retardant in a pooled sample of 10 kinds of butter. This included Land O’ Lakes butter.

Lon Binder of Food Mayhem (a good friend and someone who I have much respect for) took the time to write to Land O’ Lakes to get their side of their story. Their response follows:

This just reminds me of how powerless we are as consumers. Their points are well taken:

3 months past the product’s expiration date.
Results of the published study were based on one sample sourced from one market.
The sample was taken out of the retail system by the researchers.
Land O’ Lakes has no records of the conditions under which it was handled, shipped, or stored.

Where does this leave us. Putting our trust in our suppliers. I’m very wary of big food and luckily I have a farmer’s market quite close to home. I buy most of my butter there, but I will admit sometimes I sneak to the supermarket when I’m in a jam. Sadly it’s gotten to a point that I trust no response coming from large companies.

Until there is more testing by various groups and more reports; we will either have to trust companies such as Land O’Lakes or be extra careful and purchase from farmers we trust.

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