Raquel’s Hummus Recall

1x1.trans Raquels Hummus RecallThis one is going to be a pretty big recall. Various products from the Raquel’s products from the Quong Hop & Company have been recalled due to contamination with Listeria Monocytogenes. The following states have been affected so far:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and  Washington. So far nobody has been reported sick as a result of this recall. This company has been involved in a prior recall in 2007,  The following products are included:

Dated 8/3/10 or before

Ambrosia Fruit Salad 1 /7 lb, Krab & Shrimp Louie Salad 1/10 lb, Apple Cranberry Broccoli Slaw 7 lb, Mango Blackbean Quinoa 1/5 lb, Assorted Roasted Vegetables 1/7 lb, Assorted Roasted Vegetables 1/7 lb, Mediteranean Edamame Salad 1/7, Bacon Potato Salad 1/5 lb, Mediterranean Edamame Salad 1/8 oz, Barley Broccoli With Raisins 1/5 lb, Moroccan Eggplant 1/7 lb, Black Bean Summer Corn 1/7 lb, Mushroom & Artichoke Salad 1x1.trans Raquels Hummus Recall1/7 lb, Black Bean Summer Corn 1/8 oz, Orzo Sun Dried Tomato Salad 1/7 lb, Broccoli Pasta Salad 1/5 lb, Orzo Sun Dried Tomato Salad 1/8 oz, .Broccoli Salad 1/7 lb, Pasta Italia 1/7 lb, Broccoli Salad 1/8 oz, Broccoli Salad 1/7 lb, Pasta Italia 1/7 lb, Broccoli Salad 1/8 oz, Pasta Italia 1/8 oz, Broccoli Salad 1/7 lb, Pasta Italia 1/7 lb, Broccoli Salad 1/8 oz, Pasta Italia 1/8 oz, Broccoli Salad 1/8 oz, Penne Antipasto Salad 1/7 lb, Butternut Squash 1/7 lb, Quinoa Inca Mint Salad 1/7 lb, Caesar Salad 1/13 oz, Butternut Squash 1/8 oz, Carribean Salad 1/5 lb, Red Bean Cabbage 1/5 lb, Carribean Salad 1/8 oz, Roasted Eggplant Barley 1/5 lb, Chinese Mandarin Salad 1/13 oz, Roasted Fresh Vegetables 1/8 oz, Cobb Meatless Salad 1/13 oz, Salami & Smoked Gouda 1/7 lb, Country Potato, Carrot & Pea 1/5 lb, Shrimp Caesar Salad 1/13 ozCouscous 1/5 lb, Stuffed Grape Leaf 40 pc/5 lb,Couscous 1/8 oz, Sweet Potato Apple 1/7 lb,CranApple Salad 1/7 lb, Szechwan Chicken 1/7 lb, Cucumber Dill Salad 1/7 lb, Tabouli 1/5 lb, Curried Tofu Salad 1/8 oz, Tabouli 1/8 oz, Curried Veggie Salad*** 1/7 lb,Thai Peanut Medley 1/8 oz, Fresh Fruit Waldorf Salad 1/8 oz, Tomato Feta Barley 1/5 lb, Garden Salad 1/10 oz, Tortellini Grape Salad 1/7 lb, Ginger Noodle Salad 1/8 oz,Tortilla Slaw 1/7 lb,Greek Medley – Salad Bulk 1/7 lb, Wild Rice w/Cranberries & Mangos Salad 1/7 lb, Greek Salad 1/13 oz,Wild Rice w/Cranberries & Mangos Salad1/8 oz,Green Bean Almandine 1 / 7 lb,Wildrice Corn Blackbean 1/5 lb,Green Beans with Almonds 1/8 oz, Krab & Bay Shrimp Pasta Salad 1/7 lb, Krab & Shrimp Louie Salad 1/14 oz.

Dates: 8/3/2010 or before

1x1.trans Raquels Hummus RecallBaked Tofu Sandwich 1/5.5 oz,  Burrito- Azteca Whole Wheat 16oz, Chicken Salad Sandwich 1/7.5 oz, Falafel Burger 4oz, Egg Salad Sandwich 1/7.5 oz, Sandwich Falafel 6oz, Ham & Cheese Sandwich 1/7.5 oz,  Stuffed Grape Leaves 1 / 6 oz., Ham Sub. Sandwich 1/8 oz., Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 1/ 6 oz, Roast Beef and Cheese Sandwich 1/7.5 oz,  Eggplant Wrap 1/10 oz,  Roast Beef Sub. Sandwich 1/8 oz, Eggplant Wrap” Bulk” 3/12 oz.,  Roast Vegetable Sandwich 1/7.5 oz,  Falafel Wrap 1/11 oz, Tuna Salad Sandwich 1/7.5 oz, Greek Wrap 1/10 oz, Turkey & Cranberry Cream Cheese 1/7.5 oz, Ham & Cheese Wrap 1/12 oz., Turkey & Jack Cheese Sandwich 1/7.5 oz,  Red Pepper Hummus Wrap 1/11 oz, Turkey Sub. Sandwich 1/8 oz, Red Pepper Hummus Wrap “Bulk” 3/12 oz, Roast Beef & Cheese Wrap 1/12 oz.,  Tuna Wrap 1/12 oz., Tuna Wrap “Bulk” 3/12 oz.,  Turkey & Cheese Wrap 1/12 oz.

Dates 9/23/10 or before

Hummus Baba Ghannouj 1/8oz, Hummus Regular 1/8oz,  Hummus Roasted Red Pepper 1/8oz, Hummus Spicy 1/8oz,  Hummus Sun Dried Tomato 1/8oz

Health Risks

Listeria is specially dangerous to the elderly and children. If they have consumed these items and have symptoms such as fever, abdominal pains, headache, nausea , stiffness and diarrhea, get them to a doctor immediately. It can also cause miscarriages and birth problems for pregnant women.

If you are really jonesing for some hummus or any of these other products we suggest you go the homemade route. Check out our recipe section if you need inspiration.

For more information, check the USDA website and if you have bought any of these products take them back to where you purchased them.

Antonio Evans
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Antonio Evans
Antonio Evans