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Chef Ralpheal Abrahante celebrates authentic Greek cooking at Thalassa with an emphasis on classic and modern Greek seafood dishes. He is a native New Yorker who learned to cook from his mother and grandmother. He also picked up inspiration while dining out  in local New York City restaurants. Early in his career, he developed a passion for seafood and contemporary Greek cuisine. He became sous chef at Thalassa when it opened in 2002 and was promoted to Executive Chef in 2007. He has consistently infused Thalassa dishes with his personal signature: a love of seasonal ingredients and a fundamental respect for the freshness and simplicity integral to the Greek palate. At Thalassa, he offers a modern twist on classic Greek recipes.

The Makris Family comments on opening Thalassa, bringing in Chef Ralpheal as sous chef and promoting him to Executive Chef: “We are delighted to have opened Thalassa ten years ago. At Thalassa, we offer the warmth of Greek hospitality and the healthy flavors of the Mediterranean diet which has been a staple of Greek cuisine for thousands of years. Chef Rapheal is the ideal chef to execute this. Our goal was and continues to be providing this experience in a setting that evokes sailing through the Aegean Sea.”

Chef Ralpheal explains: “The cooking of Greece in general is simple, earthy, and healthy. Although I’m continually creating new dishes, I remain inspired by my constant discovery of old Greek recipes so that my dishes evolve along with the menus. My philosophy with food is to keep the flavors simple and let the ingredients shine. If you over-complicate the food, the flavors become muddled. Thalassa’s motto is: eat fish and live longer.”

Learn to cook with Chef Abrahante on Monday June 24 from 6PM to 7PM for his Summer Entertaining Series — Part II. He will be sharing his tips on how to clean and grill a whole Mediterranean fish, octopus, clams, and scallops for your summer parties. $60 per person**

Chef Abrahante’s new Trio Tartare appetizer was inspired by the Mediterranean Diet philosophy of ‘eat fish, live longer’ which is Thalassa’s motto. Want a taste? Get your kitchens ready and give it a go!


  • 2oz. Fresh Branzino Small Dice
  • 2oz. Sushi Grade Tuna Small Dice
  • 2oz. Dorado Small Dice
  • 1oz. Roasted Red Beets Small Dice
  • 1oz. Avocado Small Dice
  • 1oz. Roasted Red Peppers Small Dice
  • 2oz. Scallion Sliced
  • 2oz. Dill Chopped
  • 1 Teaspoon Caper Berries
  • Zest & Juice of 1 Lime
  • Zest & Juice of 1 Lemon
  • 2oz Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste
  • 1/2 oz White Truffle Oil
  • 1oz. Micro Greens


  1. Place each different fish in three different small plastic containers
  2. Place the following ingredients in each container with the Fish:
  3. Scallion, Dill, Caper, Zest & Juice of 1 Lime, Zest & Juice of 1 Lemon, Olive Oil, and Salt and pepper.
  4. Mix well and place in the refrigerator for 15 Minutes to allow the flavored to combine.
  5. Using a small mold assemble the tartare in this order – Branzino over Beets,
  6. Tuna over Avocado, Dorado over Roasted Red Peppers
  7. Then drizzle with Truffle Oil and Garnish Branzino with Garlic Almond Mousse,
  8. Tuna with Cucumber and Yogurt Sauces, and
  9. Dorado with Caviar Mousse.
  10. Then top all three with organic micro greens.

Thalassa Restaurant is located at 179 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013, United States

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