Press Release: FriendsEAT Releases Best Food Bloggers 2011 Results

1x1.trans Press Release: FriendsEAT Releases Best Food Bloggers 2011 ResultsFood blogging has become a valuable source for foodies and culinary aficionados. FriendsEAT has just revealed the results of its community poll to find out who the best food bloggers of 2011 are.

New York, NY September 26, 2011 – FriendsEAT’s has released the results of its Best Food Blogger of 2011 poll.

Food blogging has become a cultural phenomenon over the past 10 years. In order to truly make this a community event; FriendsEAT allowed its community to nominate its favorites.

The winners are:

10. Certified Foodies

9. Chef Amber Shea’s Almost Vegan

8. The Actor’s Diet

7. Steak and Sprouts

6. Zen Kimchi

5. Tropical Foodies

4. Frenchie and the Yankee

3. Grilling with Rich

2. Cowgirl’s Country Life

1. Bite By Michelle

“It is really exciting to see what blogs the community truly values and who the up and coming food stars are. We expect to see a lot from these blogs in the near future” said Blanca Valbuena, FriendsEAT Co-founder.

About FriendsEAT:

FriendsEAT is one of the world’s leading food websites. It launched in 2005 and was founded by Antonio Evans and Blanca Valbuena.  With over one half million visitors per month it is the premiere destination for restaurateurs, foodies and people looking for local deals.

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Antonio Evans


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