Pink Slime Maker Forced to Close All But One Plant

1x1.trans Pink Slime Maker Forced to Close All But One PlantThe social media uproar and an online petition that drew hundreds of thousands of supporters has forced Beef Products Inc., the maker of “Pink Slime”, to suspended operations at all but one plant.

Beef Products will suspend operations at plants in Amarillo, Texas; Garden City, Kansas; and Waterloo, Iowa. The company’s plant at its Dakota Dunes, S.D., headquarters will continue operations.

School cafeterias, major grocers including Wal-Mart, and fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King, have pledged to discontinue purchasing this disgusting beef byproduct that is literally the equivalent of dog food.

1x1.trans Pink Slime Maker Forced to Close All But One PlantIn a pathetic attempt to resurrect their dying business, Beef Products took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal defending its product, and launched a new website to mitigate public pressure to finally end production of what Carl Custer, a retired microbiologist and 35-year veteran of the Food Safety Inspection Service, calls SOYLENT PINK.

Pink slime consist of waste trimmings simmered at low heat so the fat separates from the muscle. The trimmings are spun using a centrifuge to complete the separation. Next, the mixture is oozed through pipes where it is doused with ammonia hydroxide, an ingredient used in fertilizers and household cleaners.

The process is completed by packaging the meat into bricks. Then, it is frozen and shipped to grocery stores and meat packers, where it is added to 70% of U.S. ground beef sold in supermarkets, fast food restaurants and public school cafeterias.

Now please note the unwavering adherence to pathological deception, the vile contempt for heightened public awareness, and the strident arrogance of Barry Carpenter, chief executive officer of the National Meat Association.

1x1.trans Pink Slime Maker Forced to Close All But One PlantIn his insolent statement, Carpenter says:

“At a time when so many Americans struggle to put a healthy, nutritious meal on their family’s dinner table, the unfounded mischaracterization of Lean Finely Textured Beef as pink slime is unconscionable.”

What! The mischaracterization is for Carpenter to refer to this absolutely wretched excuse for meat — salvaged beef scraps sprayed with ammonia hydroxide — as “Lean Finely Textured Beef”. The irony clearly escapes a beguiled and deluded Carpenter.

“If this is acceptable to people, it essentially means it’s OK to eat the kind of stuff we put into pet food,” said Marion Nestle, a professor at New York University’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health.

“Culturally we don’t eat byproducts of human food production. It’s not in our culture. Other cultures do. We don’t.”

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who campaigned against pink slime, praised “people power” for getting it removed from so many products.

“I hope the U.S. government is also listening because it’s partly responsible for lying to the public for allowing this cheap, low-quality meat filler to be used for so long without having to legally state its presence on packaging,” Oliver said.

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