Picard: No, not Jean Luc

1x1.trans Picard: No, not Jean LucThe French frozen food store chain. I’ve been aware of Picard for years, but I never really gave them much thought. That is until this trip to Lyon. The Picard right next to Les Halles piqued my interest. Think of a supermarket that sells everything, but only in frozen formats. It blew my mind. It blows American frozen food out of the water. What the heck are we doing wrong in the US. Practically everything I tried at Picard was delicious. Even better, the food was affordable (great way to save up for those Michelin starred restaurants).1x1.trans Picard: No, not Jean Luc

Picard says their secret is to pick the best ingredients from different appellations, and flash freeze their items for freshness so that the cellular structure of the food is not corrupted. There are no additives, stabilizers, or preservatives in these meals.1x1.trans Picard: No, not Jean Luc

Next time you’re in France, check them out. Seriously…they are awesome.1x1.trans Picard: No, not Jean Luc

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